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Dan shot me a SMS and asked me where did I buy the patio furniture. I believe it is because of this picture I posted yesterday

I replied with the brief location. Since this may be an interesting question for people relocating to Shanghai, let me share the answers about where I typically buy furniture in Shanghai.


For the patio furniture – the four chairs, the table, and the sun umbrella, I got it at Hola. Here is their website: It is at the Hong Qiao Area. This is their location:

上海仙霞店 Xian Xia Store

88 Xian Xia West Road (near Hami Road)

* 2004.12.12开业

* 营业时间:10:00AM-10:00PM

* 卖场电话:021-5219-1919

* 接驳公车:88、121、91、739、54、徐华线、74、807、


* 地 址:上海长宁区仙霞西路88号(哈密路口)

百联西郊购物中心 地下二层

This is the other store that I didn’t visit yet.

上海莘松店 Xin Song Store

* 2005.12.19开业

* 营业时间:10:00AM-10:00PM

* 卖场电话:021-6493-8000

* 接驳公车:91、756、953、150、沪莘线、鲁莘线、松莘线、


* 地 址:上海市闵行区莘松路855号百饰得装饰名品城1楼东南侧



Besides Hola, IKEA is obviously another option. I have many articles on IKEA.

Here are some:

For relocators, IKEA is a good option, although if you know places like Hola, you may prefer to go there.


B&Q is mainly for construction materials. They also have furniture sections, featuring low price and low quality furniture. The one I visited most is the one near the Long Yang Road Metro Station.

Other Furniture Stores

Besides these standard stores, the stores I visited most are local, big stores. Here are some:

JSWB, or 吉盛伟邦.


They offer some “serious” furniture – I mean the unique, and more expensive goods.

You can find their store locations at this page.

Near ever JSWB, there are many others stores. They are not famous, but offers good selections. You can try any of them – I am not able to name some of them though.

13 thoughts on “Buying Furniture in Shanghai

  1. Is it popular in Shanghai to build an enclosed glass sun room above the deck and within the yard?

    Does it require endorsement from the authority for the annex?

  2. I would say, a glass sun room on the deck is very popular. Many people do it. To build one in the yard is not that popular – at least from my personal (non-statistaical) impression.

    It does not need to get authority’s approval to do it – also based on my impression. It truely depends on the residential area you are in. There is no limitation in my area.

    There are many places that has strict rules. For example, it is not allowed to add glasses to the deck. It really depends.

  3. I don’t mean glass partial at the balcony, a sun room actually is a enclosed structure attached to the building on ground level with a glass roof.

    Judge from your tone, such annex is not very popular in Shanghai. Thanks for your info.

  4. I saw that kind of furnitre in Metro, Long Yang Rd and Decathlon in QingJiao too. Check it out

  5. Hi JSW,

    I wanted to know where i can buy porcelain,bone china items for a reasonable price? Can you help me out?



  6. There’s this place that sells inexpensive ‘designer’ furniture (cool armchairs for around 3,500RMB) called Barrn at Jiashan Market on Shaanxi Nan Lu. They also do custom-design and custom-made furniture. The website is

  7. HI! i need to find a storage cabinet for my dining room items. like the chinese theme. looking for good quality and fair price. similar to items from mu gallery.

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