Four Years of Blogging

Today marks the end of the forth year of blogging at Wangjianshuo’s Blog. 4 years ago, in Sept 11, 2002, I setup MovableType and wrote my first entry MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP on the old desktop computer in my home. No one expected that it is the start of a four-year-long blogging journey. Of cause, every year when I look back and wrote a note about the anniversary of this blog, I am not unaware of the fact that Sept 11 is a special day. The 911 event 5 years ago took away many people’s lives, and inevitably changed the world. I write with my respect to everyone involved in the trategy.

The Meaning of 911 and a Blog

When I first heard about blog on the Internet, the world of blog is always related with the 911 event. It was said, the blog was there for a long time, but the 911 event is the trigger of its popularity. When people were hit by tragedy like 911, they turned not as interested as business, money or fame. More and more people understood the meaning of live, and turn into themselves to discover a new person in themselves. They used blog to record their changed lives, and thinking… I believe the spirit of self-awareness continued on this blog. Every live is a miracle. Treat it well, and record it well.

Snap Shot of Wangjianshuo’s Blog

About this Site

Created: Sept 11, 2002

Entries: 1396

Page views/month: 2 million

Comments: 17061

Location: Shanghai, China

Time: Shanghai Time

Author: Jian Shuo Wang

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In the last 1460 days, 1396 entries were created, almost one entry per day. I am also happy to have many people joining me, share their lives and opinions with me and other readers. All the thoughts were recorded in the 17061 comments. Thanks every one for being with me.

The Fifth Year

Today is the first day of the 5th year of blogging. In the 5th year, I hope I can continue the blog in the way of the last four years. Here are my wishes:

  • I wish I still have the freedom to choose topics that interest me most. Thanks for giving me the freedom to do that. I know the topics are not always interesting for everyone. Anyway, I am still the most important reader of this blog. Everything I write? at least it should look interesting to me.
  • I wish it can be more helpful to visitors to Shanghai. A blog cannot be everything to everyone. My focus is still to make sure it is useful, informative to visitors to Shanghai. I especially put the first time visitors in mind, so some introduction may seem obvious, but it is NOT for first time visitors.
  • I wish I can still have a balanced life. Thanks Wendy for her support. Typically the blogs were written at late night. If you agree that to keep blogging for four years is not easy, so it does to have a husband to do so. I hope I can spend more time and lead a more balanced life. (Blog still plays an important roll as reflection, and sometimes as recreation for me).
  • I wish more readers come and share their own experiences with other community members. I also hope peace in discussion

Good. Another year started. Life is always beautiful, so record it well.

P.S. Haagen-Dazs Icecream

Got some coupon as Mid-Moon Festival gift from the company. Very good. Here is the package – Haagen-Dazs has very good package. Sweet start of the fifth year of blogging.

14 thoughts on “Four Years of Blogging


    had I known this blog the 1st time I visited Shanghai in Sept of 2004, for the initial F1 (Formula One) race, it would really make my 21 days visit a much informative trip… But as the sayings goes, its not too late to have another try… and yup, for the 3rd time our family will spend Christmas in Shanghai, I’ll definitely have those easy and much detailed transportation details… very much want to explore more of taking the Metro Lines and buses in & around the districts of Shanghai…

    again, Happy 5th Blog-sary (Anniversary)!!! and more blogs to come!!!

    -momsy in d’Phils

  2. Wow, 4 years…

    And you still never get any sleep !

    When do you have time for making the baby if you “blog till you drop” every night :-) ?

    By the way Jianshuo, when I searched my entries, when was my first one ?

    And now you maybe never will get any more “unfiltered” news of China viewed from outside, see :

    About 20010911, hmm, I’m not a US citizen myself, but see what some people in US thinks :

  3. Happy Anniversary! Jian Shou, keep up the great blogging! It is not an easy task so you choose what topics interest you and share them with us.

    I’ve visited the World Trade Center twin towers before, and the site after 9/11/01 (I flew to Shanghai a few weeks after on a half empty plane), it has changed our lives, the way of thinking, and yes, Jian Shou, the entire world.

  4. Congratulations with the anniversary, Jian Shuo. Your work is really much appreciated by me and many other readers, I’m sure of it ^^

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Congratulations!

    In a new year of blogging,wish you can give friendly foreign friends much more help.Good luck with you at any time.

  6. First time I even heard of a blog being associated with 9/11.. =/

    Happy 5th year mate. Hope you continue to comit to this great blog in the future.

  7. Congratulations!!

    I knew you this August by Newspaper, and I vistit your blog everyday. I do enjoy it!!

  8. Congradulations. I noticed your blog only one or two months after you started it. In fact it is your blog that led me to the world of blogs :-) For all these years, I have kept reading your articles, almost all of them… THanks for your good job for keeping all of us well informed about tje great changes happening in Shanghai and China.

    I am not sure whether 9.11 made people sit down and write their blogs, although I do believe that 9.11 may be likely a turning point for the human history…

    Does Haagen-Dazs’ package include their ice ceam moon cakes ;-)

    Happy Mid-Autumn festival.

  9. Hi JH, thank you for your congratulations. I certainly remember the early days when you visited the site and left comments – the first comment should be Oct 2003 – I didn’t know you discovered this little blog when it just started. Thanks for being with me. There are not many readers who are with the blog for so long – as long as you did. Thanks for that.

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