Chivas’ Mermaid by Sarah Khider

Like many others, I am a big fan of Sarah Khider’s song – Mermaid for commercial from Chivas.

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Because of the song, the Chivas’ commercial became my best TV commercial. Every time when the commercial shows, I just stop switching channels until I complete listening to the 30 seconds commercial.

The Chivas Regal’s commercial is shown frequently. There is big ad in the People’s Square Station of Metro Line #1 and #2. I don’t drink wine, or whisky. I just love the song and the lifestyle Chivas painted.

How about other countries? Does Chivas use the same song as commercial in other countries, or just China?

P.S. This is maybe the first time I ever posted lyrics, or song in my blog…



We could be together

Everyday together

We could sit forever

As loving waves spill over


The moon is fully risen

And shines over the sea

As you glide in my vision

The time is standing still

Don’t shy away too long

This is a boundless dream

Come close to me my reason

I’ll take you in my wings


We could be together

Everyday Forever

We belong together

Further seas and over


In the garden of the sea

I see you looking over

With my wistful melody

You leap into the water

It is no breaths sighing

This is the mermaid song

The singing of my sisters

The sea has drown for long

63 thoughts on “Chivas’ Mermaid by Sarah Khider

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  2. To Shuse:

    Come on, that’s not wine but whiskey! The way you drink is harmful to your stomach, though it is popular in China. Actually, I think it’s kind of profanity to the whiskey culture.

  3. Here en Chile the commercial has the same song…I don’t like whisky but I love that song…thanks for the lyric..

  4. Hi, did you know that Sarah Khider has a blog too.

    And yes I think that commercial is really great.

  5. Hi Jian Shuo,

    The ad has this same soundtrack in Brazil. Beatiful song, thanks very much for the lyrics. I already liked whisky, now I think I’m in love with Sarah…

  6. This is a lovely piece, the mermaid song by sarah khider and she is very sweet too! i think that the director jian shuo wang combin of an preceasly way the sweetnes and emotivity of the song with the escenes for the comercial and the use of the light and the color it´s really awesome too! all the elements for the comercial have great estructure!!

    Saludos de México!!

  7. Hey,

    Good song indeed…It is supposed Chivas will enhance your nights…

    In fact, I live in France and drinks or tobacco companies are forbidden to use TV to advertise their products, it would be so nice if one of you give any link to enjoy the commercial.

    Thks in advance.

    A très vite à Paris.

  8. Hi Jian

    I introduce myself, I´m Sarah Khider and I just read comments about me and the song. Thanks to everyone and to you for creating this blog. I have also mine and soon my website will available for all. You can also go to myspace and listen to other pieces of songs of mine.

    Nice to meet you…

    See you

    Sarah K

  9. Hi there Mr. Jian Shuo Wang! That Chivas’ TV ad is shown here in the Philippines every late night. When I first heard it, I was quickly compelled to look for an audio MP3 (of course with lyrics too so I could sing along with the former) on the internet. Thank God I found one. And as I was surfing the net, I also happened to come across with your blog. By the way, this blog of yours is nice! ~~~Holler to all Chinese and Filipino-Chinese~~~

  10. This song is extremely good…hard to find out that sarah sing it, bus it was worth it…

    I’m from Costa Rica and I see the ad in History Channel…

  11. HELLO ^^ , so glad to meet you…mm…look, we speak spanish on this land (south-america-CHILE) i just wanted to say that here this commercial runs on TV too, i’ve saw it many times, i love the song, i just cry when i hear it, its like…the song..awakes on my soul something unknown before, a pasion hidden, never tasted before…this song rules, i just wanna say it, i was looking for the lyrics and i find this site and i saw what u wrote on top….its amazing the distance…well…good bye

  12. thanx man… in Greece is the same great song… I was looking for the name and artist!!

    Now I know so I can download it… take care… all of you…

  13. nooo! that´s incredible, too much time searching this song! or asking for it!

    thank you!!

    sorry my english, i´m argentine

  14. wow..i loove this song i looove the commercial…it`s soo sexy…

    in mexico they use the same song…


    thanks for the lyric..!!

  15. Great song , greate lyrics. Thanks Jian for your contibution to find the song easily. In Greece is the same song as Thanos mentioned before. Must be the same commercial all over the world. I am amazed that so many people like me, loved the song and looked for it online! Cheers…

  16. Dear Wangjianshuo,

    here in Brazil we have the same commercial as you do in China, but it´s only shown on payed TV. And I also love the Chivas life, though I don´t drink any kind of alcoholic beverage. Down on Chivas´ site you can find a whole bunch of items related to the lifestyle the company advertises. There are wallpapers, info, news, etc. It´s the occidental post-modern man approach to life. It´s cool, like George Clooney, the Mermaid Song, Porsches, Frank Sinatra, Polo, Paris, Black… It´s the place where us all, citizens of the world can share experiences.

    We could be, together…


  17. Hi,

    We hear this song here in Brazil too.

    Would you mind in sharing this lovely song? I could receive it through above mentioned address.



  18. Hi I’m Sarah Khider. It’s really nice to read you all talking about the Mermaid Song. I’m from Paris and i wish once I could come and sing my music in your country, through the world.

    You can me a message on and on my blog address and soon my website will be available too.

    Kind Regards

    Sarah Khider

  19. Dear Jian

    Greatings from Mexico, here the TV advertising uses the same song… great song!! Thanks for placing the song and the lyrics available for everybody!

    Regards, Cristóbal

  20. I Wan´t download this music….

    Where where where where where???????

    I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. In Ecuador it has been shown for the last three years and it just doesnt get old. Im not very romantic minded but that song sort of makes everyone let his imagination fly for 30 secs.

  22. hi everybody, i like the same song too, and i really like to buy or download music of sarah khider, somebody can help me please?

  23. Thank’s “SK” for your information, i will be waiting for the website, i apreciate your help, regards.

  24. here in Peru it the same song, it has been on for years, i looked out for it a couple of years ago on the net and couldn’t find it anywhere, now just yesterday remenber it and finally i got it! i love that song! =D

  25. HEY!!

    I don´t know you and you don´t konw me either. my name is edid and i live in México… i was looking for the lyrics of this song and i found your blog… any way, i just wanted to tell you that in México we have the same song for the comercial of chiva´s life… :) have a nice day…

  26. Thanks Mr. Jian for this site, I’ve been searching for a time along for the commercial of chiva’s life, and like in other countries in Colombia (South America) is shown it too with “mermaid” song.


    P.S. Sarah is amazing.

  27. hi dear,

    in hungary is the same song…….i love it ……i always watch in the tv:)

    best wishes


  28. hi dear,

    in hungary is the same song…….i love it ……i always watch in the tv:)

    best wishes


  29. Hello, the song is the same in Barbados in the Caribbean, thank you so much for putting this song up, I abosulutely LOVE it !!!! I would watch the commercial just for this song.

  30. omg, i’m from Paraguay, and yea. it’s the same song, even though it has become an old AD and they dont shoy it anymore on tv. can anyone send it to me by mail or give me a link to download it? please!

  31. In Curacao it’s the same, the same song and also late at night. The first time I heard it, I just melted away in that voice. Nice, I still get the chills every time I see the commercial. Where can I buy/download Sarah Khider’s music??

  32. i love this song and the commercial, btw drinking chivas while watching the commercial is kinda special

    greetings from the land of tacos, Mexico

  33. we love the song we are from Rhodes-Greece and we were looking for the artist and lyrics thank you for the song !!!we love it!we were also wondering if the artist has other songs that we can listen to.merci beaucoup!!:)

  34. Hi I’m Teresa from Colombia and we have the same song on the commercial which I love just because this awsome song!

  35. Hi! I am from Greece (Hellas) and Chivas uses the same song in my country too. I like it very much, as it brings me many memories…

  36. this song is perfect!! the sense that it gives you is so sweet and romantic….in Greece too!!!!

  37. this song is perfect!! the sense that gives you is so sweet and romantic….in Greece too!!!!

  38. I’m little bit late with my comment, but i want to say that I like commercial too and the song is amazing!!!

    Greetings from Serbia to Sarah and all people who have sent their comments!

  39. I love this song. Pure magic. It’s so calm, and I could say romantic…I’m from Cyprus, a country associated to Greece…

  40. Also, hear i found out some people who have the same opinions as me! Agreed Nathaly Martina this song brings me the chills everytime I listen to it, whenever the advert is on, I just lay back, close my eyes, and…dream.

  41. Ohhhh myyyy GOD!!! at last!!!! Im from Guatemala and my lenguage is spanish, (please excuse my ugly english) I love that song finally I find it!!!! that song is so fresh, so “delicada” (spanish word) thank you really thank you!!!!!


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  44. hey…i m from greece like some of u…

    this song is one of the most charming songs i have ever heard… it makes me travel through past memmories and places i have never been to…places magical… it ‘s perfect…


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