Weihai by the Sea

This is the second day I am in Weihai 威海. Here is some observation during the day.

Where is Weihai

Weihai is at the tip of the Shandong Peninsula, at the other side of the Korea Peninsula. In that area, there are four major sea-side cities: Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, and Rizhao.

My Impression

Weihai is a newly raised city. According to the plate number, it is 鲁K – traditionally, the capital city of the province is numbered A, and the cities are then number according to significance. K is not a very top number.

It turned out, as many Chinese cities, especially cities along the sea, the city has developed very quickly. The most big buildings are either government building, or new residential area developed by developers (just as the situation in Luoyang). Below is the building of the People’s Bank:

Guess what is this? The local Police Office.

The two statues near the sea.

The art center:

The Shandong peninsula is generally green and nice.

We saw it when the aircraft was landing.

The team spent nice time at the beach this afternoon. This was before we took a group photo.

Blue Sky of Shanghai

We are flying to Weihai 威海 this morning. I wake up earlier than before to get the new Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2. On the way, I took some picture of the rare blue sky of Shanghai.

After paying attention the pattern of blue sky in Shanghai, I found out it is a rule that whenever there are wind from the sea (south-east wind), Shanghai will be very beautiful, especially after a typhoon.

P.S. I am in Weihai, and had two wonderful sea-food meals already.

We went to Qingdao and we really loved it. We want to visit somewhere near Qingdao in area. It turned out Weihai is not another Qingdao.

Yifan’s Happy First Day in Kindergarten

Yifan’s first day in kindergarten was great. He was very happy when we sent him to the kindergarten. He was singing a song when we stepped into the gate. He went straight to the LEGO in his room.

He cried briefly when his mom left, but basically enjoyed the day. The teacher reported that he ate well, and slept well this noon. Great!

Yifan as Apple Fan

Wendy bought an iPad, and Yifan naturally can play with it. Kudos to Apple Inc. to make it so usable. We bought an Apple T-shirt in Apple Company Store at Apple headerquarter, and dressed him up with the new T-shirt. The front reads: “Hello. I am a Mac”, and at the back is an Apple logo.

Here are some photos of Yifan with his new Apple T-shirt.

Does T-Shirt Matters?

Interestingly, the little boy has already have many T-shirts with hi-tech logos. Before he was born, we already had some Microsoft baby T-shirt. He wore Microsoft T-shirt from 6 month to 1 year. Then he started to wear eBay T-shirt (with a “Future PowerSeller” in the front). Now, he is wearing Apple, with a Google T-shirt in his bag to kindergarten, in case he need to change.

Parents influence the kids in many small ways. The T-shirt they wear may one day influence their interests… This is my hope.