Lego Duplo Car for Yifan

I spent the whole morning and noon time with Yifan. We built LEGO train, car, and buildings together. The only LEGO we had so far is Set # 4960-1: Giant Zoo. It contains building blocks for a zoo, but Yifan is not as keen to animals as to cars. So, we just left all the animals along, and started to build cars.

Look how I did to help Yifan to build the car. I did most of the part, and Yifan was busy helping me on logistic – he is very good at finding similar items for me.

I enjoyed the 4 hours playing LEGO with Yifan. Although I built it, I admit that it was actually Yifan who guided me to do the job. He has high standards – he requires Dad, and Mom on the car, and the car head should be red, and must have 4 wheels, and he especially asked to have a gas hole.

Have I told you that I am always a LEGO fan?

New Year Eve 2010

The year of 2010 arrives. Happy New Year!

I never expected I could welcome the new year the way I did. To be short, I ended up helping to deliver milk tea at the New Year’s Eve. Let me tell you more.


Wendy and I brought Yifan to celebrate the New Year. Yifan happily played in the Metro station and enjoyed watching metro trains.

Wendy’s milk tea shop was doing very well, but no one ever expected that the huge volume of people after 10:00 AM. Many shopping malls close at mid-night, and many people waited till 0:00 AM to celebrate that wonderful moment with their loved one. Then, the small shop is suddenly short of hands, and there are long lines of people waiting there.

Then we sent Yifan back home, and went to the shop to help. I choose the only job I can do – delivery the tea after it is made.

My Only Service Experience

Let me share the interesting experience with you, as a milk tea server.

Good experience:

  • My good friend in eBay was definitely right. He quit his job as executive of the big company and started to sell ice-cream for some time. He told me how good it is to see people’s smile to receive the icecream.
  • I experienced similar thing when I deliver the hot tea to people in the freezing cold nights, especially those who have waited for some time.
  • Doing physical work make people happy (at least in between of computer and business related work).
  • It is nice to say thank you to everyone, and see someone say thank you to you.
  • It is amazing how quick people can make a cup of tea – faster than I can deliver. There are many steps involved, and there are many ingredients, but the experience girls just made it so quick – 20 – 30 seconds per cup.

Bad Experience:

Some people are rude. To my greatest surprise, most rude people I saw that night are women, and many of them are very young. They throw their tickets to the table (some times, it directly go to the ground).

It makes me think the right of a customer. No customer is entitled to be rude, no matter how much money you pay. I am in a little bit better position to keep confident, and don’t bother about the offense. I don’t feel bad because in this interesting scenario, I know my pride has nothing to do with other people’s attitude.

To conclude, what was a nice experience for me. That is very different from my previous world. I talked to at least 50 times more people than I do on my daily life.

P.S. Just curious: anybody who bought milk tea and saw me there?