Three Meetups in a Day

Chen Yun

In the morning, went to Xujiahui and met Chenyun. His IT Union has been running for a long time. We met each other in early 1998, when I was still in SJTU, and was involved in the start up Time flies, and when we meet again, 8 years past. (BTW, when we are used to time in years, does it mean we are getting older?) I offered my help if I can. Old friends are always best friends.

5G Review (Shanghai)

5G Review is an event by I wanted to help to ramp up the event to help people in the IT field to get together. Of cause, Lao Hwa helped most, and I am not a not-so-active participant. The topic for this afternoon is “The Future of Media”. The most impressive talk is from Yang Hui. I totally agree with her point that importance of content generator is more and more important in the Internet age.

Hengge, Michael, and Elaine

Immediately after 5G, Hengge called, and I drove back home to meet them. We had wonderful dinner at the India restaurant and chatted for a long time. :-) Well. It is just impossible to record all (or even any of) the learning. Nice to know Elaine works for IKEA, my former favorite funiture store.

It is late. Go to bed.


10 thoughts on “Three Meetups in a Day


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  4. Feel honoured that I was listed on the third meetup. It’s my first time to know Wangjianshuo, who is definitely a clever and hospitable guy with many interesting psych games (though i am shamefully gave a stupid answer for the number test)

    To be summed up, it’s very very nice to meet him through Hengge and Michael.

    P.S, 1. pls still consider my application to be your gardener assistant;)

    2. I have taken your request regarding… welcome to IKEA store and remember to contact me before you visit.

  5. David, I was too quick to use the phrase. We talked about the role of people in media industry, like producer of TV programs, and all kinds of directors, actors – they are generating contents. TV is a channel (or media), so does newspaper. When the channel is challenged by Internet, the content generator found a better way to distribute their content – Internet, so Internet didn’t weaken their role. On contrary, Internet strengthen it.

  6. Jian Shuo, you’re basically also a content generator… as you generate great content for us to read here :D

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