Free MagiNet Hotspot in Marriott

Location: Starbucks inside JW Marriott (Tomorrow Square), Shanghai

Network name: MagiNet@JWMarriottSH


It is very fast – much faster than my slow FTTB+LANat home.

How to Get There

JW Marriott is the tallest building (the taller one besides it has not completed yet) in Pudxi area. You won’t miss it at the People’s Square.

Inside the lobby of JW Marriott, there is a Starbucks. Not many people know it, and I believe its major customers are people in the JW Marriott Service Apartment. They don’t have Wireless access there, sitting there, I can detect the signal from somewhere. The speed is really fast.


Google told me their website: It should be not free but why I can access it free of charge?

8 thoughts on “Free MagiNet Hotspot in Marriott

  1. Hi JS,

    Another quick question for you. Do you have any recommendations or list for good food at reasonable price or buffet which I can bring my friends to in puxi? Thanks as always.

  2. passerby, I don’t have particular recommendation. If budget permit, go to any five star hotel, and they are generally good. For example, the one on JW Marriott is very good. I don’t know what you really mean about buffet. Is it anything that you can eat as much as you can?

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  4. actually… i think all JW Marriott hotels wifi are free of charge. any JW marriott i have been to, wifi in public areas are free.

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