Roof of the Grand Gateway and More

Look at this roof – it is taken inside the Grand Gate Way.

Above is the view from outside – from Satellite.

Xiang Yang Market

Drove by Xiang Yang Market. This is how it looks like – the building was full of restaurant before.

Shanghai Grand Theater

Outside of Tomorrow Square.

Scene in my mirror:

7 thoughts on “Roof of the Grand Gateway and More

  1. In fact, there are still many vendors staying around the mkt. Last weekend when I walked near the cross of South Shanxi Rd. and Mid Huaihai Rd. many vendors stand at the roadside showing piz of their products to me. If you are interest in their product, they will show you to their place of storage.

  2. Lee, this is a FAQ. The official answer is, if you are looking for fake good, they are gone. Shanghai does not allow fake goods anywhere in the city. The non-official answer is, some move to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station, and some move to all kinds of small markets. Since it is still during the moving process, it is not clear which place turns out to take on the reputation and customers of Xiang Yang Market Yet.

  3. Jian,

    Love the site…I am actually working at one of the towers located at the Grand gateway until September 1st. Went to the Bund last night and took some great pictures. Visiting Xian this weekend to go to the Terra Cotta warriors and visit the city. Keep up the great information!


  4. An article in CNN.Com/World indicated that there were plans under way to build a full size replica of the RMS TITANIC as a centerpiece to a 60,000 sq. meter shopping center. It is supposed to one of five city themed areas of the complex. Did this ever happen? The article appears to have been posted Feb. 5th, 2002?

    Any info please!

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