End of Long Holiday

This is another long holiday – the end of the 8th free day.

Wendy asked me “What we did in the last National Holiday?” Good question. I had no idea. Checking the blog entry of Oct last year, I realized that last year was just like this year – seven days of free time with no particular activities.

This is life – normal life does not leave any mark in memory.

The only different thing in this holiday was, I watched TV show “Soldiers” 士兵突击 (30 episodes) in the last few days. Hmmm… I was not passionate for about TV shows but to watch TV shows every day provides a framework to schedule the day.

I chatted with Wendy yesterday. I said I am surprised that I started to love routines, and scheduled. Without some fixed date and some routines, life is just like a boat floating on the surface of the Sea with no directions.

In some sense, it is great that I am going back to work tomorrow.

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