Bye Bye, is going to close two weeks from today. It is the end of an era. When you know something you were so crazy about, but not important any longer, is going to be shutdown, you know you are old enough. :-)

Imagine, what you feel after few years, if you know is going to be shutdown, or more likely,, or other super popular websites today. was the in my university age.

Along with Geocities, the big guys at that time was Yahoo!, Hotmail, Tripod, AltaVista!

I tried to search for my web page for 20 minutes, but could not find anything – even Google Search does not help. I only remember that in 1997, every user must choose a “neighborhood” to settle down. The neighborhood I choose was CollegePark, and my URL should be something like:

But I forget the number.

Another learning is, most of what you did on this earth, or especially online will vanish – your Geocities web pages, you Facebook content, your twitter message, and all the emails you send out – eventually, will go away.

Let it be. Bye Bye, Geocities!

P.S. I appreciate the consistency of newsletter from It was the first email newsletter I subscribed. 13 years later, they are still sending out emails, although I never really read it.

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye,

  1. That’s true. Everything we care about so much today will go away some day. Even life itself will go away. Just enjoy the experience today and take it easy.

  2. My very first website was made on GeoCities, in the SoHo neighborhood. :) Ahh the good ol’ days of building a website on 1 MB of free web space. Hard to imagine now.

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