Kongming Lamp – Hundreds of Them

I heard about Kongming Lamp, but never really saw it myself. Kong Ming Lamp, or known as Kong Ming Lantern, or Sky Lantern, is made of thin paper, and heated by a candle, so it flies to the sky with the heated air.

The previous few days, when I am at my home, I saw some “airplane” with only one single red light – very different from the airplane. I thought it was helicopter. When I see more and more of it, I even thought it is a big military action.

Tonight, when Wendy and I drive along the Jinxiu Road, I saw about 20 of them – very exciting. Then when we approach the Century park area, there are more and more of them – at least few hundreds of them flying in the sky, with more and more rising up. They are just like stars in the sky – the whole sky was lit up by these small lamps.

China really has many great traditions, that we only saw on books, and now, many of them started renaissance.

I just hope that the Shanghai government does not follow Nanjing to ban these lanterns.

9 thoughts on “Kongming Lamp – Hundreds of Them

  1. What if one of these lamps landed on top of your house and started a fire. Do you still wish to cherish such tradition?

    Some tradition does not fit the modern day livings, the use of fire cracker within the urban areas during the festival is another hazard as it really hurts!

  2. I have to say that some traditions need to be “modified” because the living environment… etc. etc. has changed. But I don’t think banning everything is the solution. There must be ways to keep the traditions and minimized the accidents/damages. By the way this applies to banning internet, books, movies, words etc. etc. for whatever possible reasons.

    If we should ban all things that may create a chance of trouble… why don’t we ban “跨栏”, football, soccer, cars, trains, buses, airplanes, and etc. etc. People/athletes/players get hurts, many of them… almost all athletes/players, 刘翔too. Then, there won’t be life.

  3. the calling for the ban because the lanterns because it post danger to the air traffic. These lanterns will create a congestion in the sky. It will be dangerous for the airplanes that flying in the sky. In other words, this lantern will risk hundreds people life for some folks on the ground happily letting this lantern to the sky.

    One lantern into the jet engine will be sufficient to bring down an airplane. Remember this lantern does not has any navigator system in them. They fly freely following to the wind direction. Air traffic control tower will have a hard time diverting airplanes in Pudong to avoid any mishaps.

  4. @DC, the display of the hot air lanterns to litter the sky, do you call this activity an artistic act or an environmental hazard!

  5. These little things have almost caused a crash of airplane when landing. I happened to read a piece of news yesterday.

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