Another Drawing – Zhangsanfeng’s Milk Tea Shop

When I find some spare time and especially there is a cup of nice milk tea before me, I love to draw something. It was inspired by the Art of Travel, and other related books. By drawing, you observe the world more closely than you glance it. The actual result of the drawing is not important at all. It is the ACT of drawing that makes a difference. Here is my embarrassingly bad drawing, but I’d be happy to share.

Photograph by York

Photograph by York

Photograph by York

You can safely ignore all the characters above the photo – it was not mine. There are 30-50 sketch books like this in the shop, all full of essays and drawings. I could not find a bigger space than the one I found, so I shared the page with another stranger.


  1. Lovely place in GuLangYu,enjoy the trip~

  2. That’s very interesting ! I find that you use “ball-pen”,not “pencil”, maybe pencil would be more convinent for drawing . Good drawing! Good job !

  3. I still prefer ball-pen – the type of sketch is more interesting than pencil and last longer.

  4. haha! Really a good piece of work!

  5. Jian Shuo

    Nice one….do you know about doodling….maybe you do without actually knowing that it is called so.An interesting article from NPR which says that doodling does’nt wane your concentration

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