How my Fake Boarding Pass was Made

I showed a fake, hand-drawn boarding pass in my previous post: Three Interesting Photos. Here is the complete story:

Dengjia got a blank Spring Airline boarding pass. He draw the pass according to his.

Photograph by York

and it turned out to be this:

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

and finally, everyone saw it and was very happy about it.

Photograph by York


  1. I should have added a comment on the blog: It is just for fun, and there is no way to use it, especially the bar code – no way for computer to recognize the code.

  2. Is it supposed to be a April Fool’s trick ?

  3. Btw, I know most of you are unable to watch Youtube in China, but I have something to share with you fellas. So I downloaded it to my blogspot. It’s a lesson to us not to judge a book from it’s cover. Come over and click here Wang,..

  4. Hehe. It is that type. There are this type of joke all the way to Xiamen.

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