Photos of Yangshuo, Guilin

Let me post some photos of Yangshuo. It is no longer that kind of backpacker trip with Yifan with us, and his fixed schedule of sleep, we are more hotel oriented with just random adventures out side the hotel.

The Gongnong Bridge of Yangshuo.

These mountains are famous because they are on the back of the 20 RMB note.

This is the view from our hotel – no easy way to access the river bank, but the view is still pretty nice.

6 thoughts on “Photos of Yangshuo, Guilin

  1. I’ve always liked Yangshuo for its beauty. Plus it’s very foreigner friendly. My Mandarin is not very good, but so many people in Yangshou speak English, it really surprised me.

  2. We are planning to Guilin end of this May 09 for a 4Days 3 Nites (4D3N) tour package and thereafter we would like to extend for another 3Days 2 nites. Our 4D3N includes one nite each at Guilin, Lipu and Yangshuo.

    Looking at the above photos Yangshuo really attracts me to put more nights there. As such could you please advise me how far is the travelling time from Guilin town to Yangshou because we cannot change our 4D3N tour package by extending another night at Yangshou. We have to leave Yangshuo as per Itinerary and probably go back to Yangshou.

    Would be grateful if you could pls advise what are the best places to visit for our extension days after the 4D3N package tour.

    We are eagerly looking forward to receiving your kind response to give us some tips and advice.

    Thank you.


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  3. Venus,

    Just check out your with your tour agent whether will you be taking the river cruise to Yangshou from Guilin. This is a normal route for tour package covering Guilin and Yangshou. 4 days 3 nights are more than enough.

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