10:00 PM

It is 10:00 PM. I decide to go to bed earlier than normal days. It is important to relax a little bit after working days and nights for some time.

No matter what, to keep the pace of “Life”, or “the body” itself is so important to me. My teeth hurts these days. According to Chinese medicine theory, it is because of the raise of “fire” in my body. Need to take some water (yes, physically drink some water), and some sleep to get rid of it.

House Price

Just to tell you something interesting. I saw an advertisement this morning, stating, “buy a house and get your renovation free”. It tells reader that they would like to deduct 3500/sq meter at the time you the house.

It is obvious that the house developer shy away from saying directly the decrease of price of the property, they stated in another way, but identical to direct cut in house price.


Yifan has wonderful childhood time. He plays all the time from morning to night. He just regret there are just 24 hours in a day, and he has to go to bed after drinking a full bottle of milk at 9:30 PM. Now, he is already asleep.

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  1. hehe i read your bolg for more than one month,and the first purpose is that i want to learn english ,because i start a new work in foreign company.

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