Shanghai Postal Code

I am going to answer another very simple question about Shanghai Postal Code.

This seems simple, but it is not easy to directly get the postal code from street address. There are so many postal code in Shanghai, one for each area.

China postal code is always 6 digits. Shanghai starts from 20xxxx.

Shanghai downtown: 200000

Shanghai County: 201100

Jiading District 嘉定: 201800

Songjiang District 松江: 201600

Nanhui District 南汇: 201300

Fengxian District 奉贤: 201400

Chuanshan District 川沙: 201200

Qingpu District 青浦: 201700

Chongming District 崇明: 202100

Jinshan District: 金山 201500

In Shanghai downtown, at least I know Huangpu area is 200000, and Xujiahui is 200030, and Liuli area in Pudong is 200125…

If you know the street address, you may want to try your luck with Google Maps. Enter your address, and you may find some clue in the search result.

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    I’m looking for the postal code to this adress: 625 taixing road, jing’an district, shanghai ?

    Could you help me ?

  2. Shanghai Scientific Instruments & materials

    I’m looking for the postal code to this adress: No. 1, Tao Jiang Road, shanghai ?

    Could you help me ?

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