Taiwan and Mainland Direct Transit

What? Direct flight between Taiwan and mainland China is opened. Meanwhile, there are more than that. There are direct post lines across the strait.

I saw this news on ITimes this morning on Metro. It was a big surprise to me. This seems too quick, much quicker than I thought. I am even not prepared yet.

Taipei and Shanghai?

In the future, direct flight between Taipei and Shanghai will only be 81 minutes. That is just one and half hour – shorter than Beijing and Shanghai.

Before that, my friends coming from Taipei to Shanghai have to transit in Hong Kong. The last week, my visitor from Taipei need to wake up at 2:30 AM to catch earliest flight to be able to have dinner together.

This will happen in 40 days

Big news. Big news. I am looking forward to take flight to Taipei one day in the future.

Bigger News

Of cause, the bigger news is that Obama won the president position… Compared to the later news, the direct line news is not that hot.

3 thoughts on “Taiwan and Mainland Direct Transit

  1. Yes. The later of the two is quite something. I am curious to see what changes will actually take place.

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