Stumble Upon Jack, Samson, and Terry

Wendy and I went to the Starbucks near our home (the nearest one which is 3 km away from our home) this afternoon. Then saw someone on the street – they turned out to be our friends Jack Gu, Samson and Terry.

Below: Jack Gu


Below: Samson Jian


Below: Terry


Small world – didn’t expect that we can meet on the street (in the middle of almost nowhere).

Accumulation of Friends

After the age of 30, I just realized I have accumulated many friends that we may stumble upon at any time, as it happened many times in the recent years. Microsoft, for example, easily gave me the opportunity to work with 400+ talented people and among them, I know 100+ very well in the last 7 years. That is a big wealth for anyone. So does university and middle school. I cannot imagine it but I do have many friends who I know since I was younger than 10 years old and we still hang around in Shanghai. Last time, when I was in Carroll’s tree trimming party, I found out she has some friends who kept coming to the part in the last 40 years. That was amazing. So I need to do a better job to get connected with old friends, and keep in touch for longer time (if life-time is too infeasible).

3 thoughts on “Stumble Upon Jack, Samson, and Terry

  1. Interesting :-) These young guys all have English name. When I looked at the title, I almost got the impression that JianShuo was meeting some Anglo Saxans or Brits. I have to admire the American cultural influence.

  2. Looks like China’s rise of economic prosperity begins with the benefitting the current young working generation with better paying jobs. But will economic prosperity alone be enough? Or is there other needs that the chinese people finds it needs down the road of economic capitalism.

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