Avoid Maglev for Hongqiao to Pudong Transition

This is a FAQ from my reader – "Whether taking Maglev from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport save me time?"

Hello there,

i have visited your site a few times, thanks for the information, it helped us( newcomers) going from Vancouver to Shanghai. We are going back to Vancouver very soon, we will transfer the flight from Hongqiao to Pudong, because of the tight transfer time, we are planning to take a taxi to longyang road first, then take maglev train to pudong airport. I have a coupe of questions for you.
1. how far does it take for taxi from hongqiao airport to longyang station? and How much does taxi cost?
2. From longyang station, can we buy maglev train ticket right from the counter? or do I have to book the tickets first? Can we carry luggage on the train?
We are hoping to save time on airports tranfer, do you think it is a good idea to take the above route, or do you have other suggestions?
Please advice, thank you for your help!

The Maglev (photos)is fast, however, it is not a good idea to get to the train station.

The best way to get to Pudong Airport to Hongqiao or Hongqiao to Pudong by taxi is to directly go along the A20 + A1 highway. That is the fastest way. If you The two airports are just at the entrance of the highway system, and it takes about 1 hour to get there.

Maglev station is pretty in the center of Pudong, and it takes much longer to leave the express way and get to Maglev station. It does not save time. Actually, you should plan for more time to get to Maglev. Then, with the 15-20 minutes interval of Maglev, 7 minutes ride, and maybe another 10 minutes walk from Maglev station to Pudong airport, it is very slow.

If you take a taxi, it can take you from arrival hall of Hongqiao directly to the departure hall of Pudong, and it is the fastest way (a cheaper alternative is to take Airport Bus #1, which is also very fast since it goes on the expressway with no stops in the middle).

As you can see the diagram below: The red lines are expressway and is preferred. The black line is elevated highway (inner Ring), but traffic is higher.


On the cost wise, it is cheaper to take taxi directly to the airport if you consider Maglev ticket (40 RMB per person) if you have two or more people.

For Maglev ticket, you can get it at the counter (I even don’t think you can book it in advance). Luggage should be OK with Maglev (I have photos from inside and outside). However, I don’t think you need to use Maglev in this trip if your time is limited.

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  1. hehe, you know, many shanghailanders have the habit of telling the people who are not very clear how to get to the destinations.

    And this situations are pretty common to be seen in the bus.

  2. @皮影戏

    totally agreed. that’s a funny scene actually.


    in fact the fast way is to fly, seriously, the ticket is about 50RMB and the flight takes probably 15 minutes.

    the only problem is there are not many flights between these two airports. anyway, you can try your luck.

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  4. Hello there,

    I will arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao 08.40 and then transfer to Pudong Intl Airport for flight at 13.30. Is it enough time to catch the flight ? please advise the best way to reach Pudong

    Tks and rgds,


  5. @Gandhi, let me help you to draw this time table:

    1. Arrive at 8:40 AM

    2. Get out of the Hongqiao Airport at 9:00 AM after claiming baggage.

    3. Wait for a Shuttle Bus up to 20 minutes. Adding buffer, so it is 9:30

    4. From Hongqiao to Pudong takes 40 minutes. Adding another 20 minutes buffer, so it is 10:30

    5. Check in at 11:00

    6. It is still one hour left.

    So, I think you can catch the flight.

  6. I want to take the Shuttle from Hong qiao to Pudong. I understand from these posts that it is Shuttle #1 and it is RMB 30 per person. A couple of questions: How often does it run? Where is the terminal?

    Thanks for your time. Slade

  7. Hoping to take a airport bus from Pudong airport to the city with a stop near my hotel. I’m staying the Hengsheng Peninsular Hotel 205 Wusong Road, and I’m at a loss as to which bus to take. Also if I was to take a taxi now much should I pay ? My flight arrives at 9.30 PM so the Maglev is out.

    Many Thanks Lee

  8. Hi I am arriving at 13:15 in Hongqiao airport and my flight leaves at 16:35 from Pudong. Would this be ok to connect? Would you suggest a taxi between the airports or is a shuttle quicker? Can you advise the approximate cost of the taxi?

    Many thanks


  9. The Shanghai maglev was a waste of people´s money.

    A BIG white elephant. I hope that it won´t be extended.

    It is dead in Germany, tests will end on June 30.

  10. I used the Maglev train last week to get from the Technology Park (downtown) area to the Airport. Absolutely fanatastic experience. If you are visiting Shanghai, you simply HAVE to give this a go. Probably is a white elephant from a purely financial viewpoint, but for $6, I dont care – awesome. The thing goes like a rocket! If I’d had more time, would have bought a retun ticket from the airport just for the hell of it =)

  11. Hongqiao to Pudong Maglev vs Taxi

    Yeah. I just caught the Maglev from Pudong Airport to Longyang Train Station today. Took about 8 mins, and its a thrill to ride it.

    However Longyang Station is neither near Hongqiao Airport, or near the centre of Shanghai.

    If you’re moving from airport to airport, it’s easier to catch a taxi from point to point.

    If you want to catch the Maglev from Pudong Airport to the centre of Shanghai, and you’re familiar with the local subway train network, then you can catch a local train from Longyang Train Station to Shanghai. It takes around 15 mins to get from Longyang Train Station to the People Park in the centre of Shanghai. That’s the fastest train route.

    If you’re planning to catch the Maglev, and then a taxi to the centre of Shanghai, or Hongqiao Airport, don’t bother if time is a constraint. It’s faster to catch a taxi point to point.

    Having said that, I highly recommend experiencing to Maglev if you have the time. It’s great…..

  12. I need to catch a train from either Shanghai Railway Station or Hongqiao Railway Station (going to Changzhou); which station should I go to and what is the fastest way to get there from Pudong Airport? Both train stations have frequent trains to my destination.

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