Whole Day in Nanjing

There are some bulletin of ideas for today.

  • Whole day in Nanjing, half day in Nanjing Dongjiao State Guest House, and half day on Mouchou Lake.
  • Full day off-the-record. So as a blogger, I still cannot blog too much about it. OK. Let me talk about my personal stuff.
  • Nanjing is quite cold these days, especially in the mountains.
  • People were surprised by the fact that I never lived in other countries but can speak English. :-)
  • Met many great peoples, and many of them I have known for sometime by name (just read the newspaper or watch TV!)
  • Very late today. Need to go to bed today.

P.S. Anyone like the photos I posted about the amazing train from Shanghai to Nanjing?

5 thoughts on “Whole Day in Nanjing

  1. I wonder if there are any general comments you can make about how your outlook on the world has changed as a result of this event. Don’t have to share anything about the other participants. But how have *you* changed? :)

    Did you take any pictures of the State Guest House? How does it compare to Hongqiao State Guest House in Shanghai? I stayed there once and I was impressed. I strolled slowly and contemplatively around the grounds with my arms behind my back, pretending to be an important government official.

  2. I recently took the CRH from Shanghai to Nanjing. It was a great experience, similiar to the high speed trains of europe. I liked the detailed pictures. I don’t think everyone is aware how comfortable and convenient the new trains are.

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