Train from Shanghai to Nanjing – CRH (D)

They have a nice handle that you can use your foot to press, and the foot holder will restore to the original position. That is very helpful if you want to lay down and relax your feet.

This is the other side of the foot holder. Use your foot to press this handle, and the foot holder will release and you can relax your feet.

This is exactly what is before you – a big bag at the back of the previous seat – there are some free magzine there – full of advertisement, just like airplane. At the bottom are the place to put your foot on.

There are four seats in a row. So do your calculation to buy the tickets if you prefer a Aisle or Window seat. For example, window seats are number 36, 39, 40, 43…

On top of the window, the wind comes out. You an choose to close it or open it by using this switch.

This is the curtain! It is more fancy than those on the airplane. You can pull it down to any position, or completely seperate yourself from the outside world.

On the right side (or the left side if you take the Aisel seat), there is a small black button. Pressing it will release the back of your seat, and you can lean backward – just like the seats on an airplane. Very comfortable indeed.

On the right (or left if you take the aisle seat), you can find the small table hidden under the leather cover. The instructions show how you can unfold it.

This is the table, inside its rack.

This small thing is for hanging your personal light stuff – your coat, or hand bag.

Like this.

On the train, there is a mini bar with all kinds of drinks – strange that they don’t have coke. The price is relatively reasonable – 5 RMB for drink that is 3 RMB off the train. More expensive, but it makes sense.

The information of the compartment. As you can see, there are 8 compartment each train. It is numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 — 8. In most trains, like the one from Shanghai to Nanjing, they have two indentical trains, hooked up together, so they have 9, 10, … 16. Two out of the 8 are first class, and the rest are normal seats.

They have water. On the right is warm water – suitable for drink immediately, and on the left, is hot water – good for a cup of instant noodle.

It gave me the impression that everything is very decent. Look at the decoration above the water supply station.

?Water Tumed on by Senor?.

They have automatical Soap Dispenser on the left.

The most interesting thing I found out in the water closet is, they have the warm wind blowing from where you stand forward to your hand to dry them. Nice design

They do have electricity, but it is for Electric Razor only. I didn’t find any power supply throught out the cart anyway.

This was me.

This is a little bit surprise for me. They have curtains for the sink.

You can pull it over to cover it,

and the cubicle looks like this. You have the privacy to wash your hands or brush your teeth – by yourself.

There are two locations for you to put your really big stuff at the entrance. Most of people should put their luggage on the overhead cubine.

This is the standard class seats – three on the left and two on the right. As you can see, there are not so many people from Shanghai to Nanjing.

Another one.

This is the water station.

This is inside the Men’s toilet.

Push to exit – there is no lock inside – strange.

Another photo of the almost empty standard car.

They are very considerate to have Diaper Changing table for infants.

The toilet. Looks like clear.

The equipment in the toilet.

This is the first class – almost completely empty. Two on the left and two on the right.

This is the seat. Look at the place to put your feet on, and the pillow.

Everything is electronic – the LED displaying the cart number.

Along the trip, it showed the current train speed – 139 km/h.

This is the unfolded table.

Outside the train.

The train arrives at the Nanjing Station.

This is the head of the train.

At Nanjing station, you can take Bus, Metro, or taxi to leave the station. BTW, the taxi line was so long that we gave up and hired the illegal taxi (basically those people who came to pick up passengers but they are not taxi)

This is the entrance to Nanjing Metro – I have never take it before.

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  1. You missed one of the most important improvements: NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO YELL while you try to rest (normally offering maps, food or anything – sometimes even offer their goodies using loudspeakers). Also, the passangers tend to eat less, it is quiet in the train (not as noisy as the old ones) AND IT IS CLEAN (as it is so new that the Chinese do not throw their garbage on the floor or eat sunflowerseeds). Because of the food, garbage from other travellers and filth in old trains, they usually stink but these ones are ODOR FREE.You can relax and even sleep! This is a much more important improvement than technology. It is a question of software, not expensive hardware. I went to Nanjing 3 months ago, and I really did not want to leave the train. It was such a peaceful and clean experience….I remember these “software changes” as much more impressive than the “hardware” ones.

  2. I took the new CRH train from Shanghai to Suzhou this summer, and was very impressed: comfortable, clean and speedy. Welcome to the 21st century, China!

  3. Hey JianShuo,

    I’m moving to Nanjing next month, so very interesting post for me :)

    How long does this new train take to get to Nanjing compared to the old one?

  4. JS, what kind of camera do you use these days? It does not look like a Sony P8 (what I found searching for camera on your site). What lens is needed for close ups like this post and also indoor panorama shots?

  5. while these new CRH trains are indeed comfortable and very nice, my only concern is that the price of the tickets are priced too high for average chinese. this benefits the rich and foreigners which is just another instance of the wide income disparity in China..favouring the haves and not the have-nots.

  6. That would be so great, at least I don’t have to take stand ticket if urgent leave to HangZhou is necessary, which I did once and should never forget about experience. Everything looks pretty nice.

    I would try not long time later :)


  7. when I read this article, I could not help bursting into tears. I miss Nanjing and my university life in Nanjing. I miss people there and life there. I miss every journey from Nanjing to other city. I miss the child with a dream. I come to knowing this when I read this blog. Thanks for Jian Shuo and best wishes.

  8. when I read this article, I could not help bursting into tears. I miss Nanjing and my university life in Nanjing. I miss people there and life there. I miss every journey from Nanjing to other city. I miss the child with a dream. I come to knowing this when I read this blog. Thanks for Jian Shuo and best wishes.

  9. when I read this article, I could not help bursting into tears. I miss Nanjing and my university life in Nanjing. I miss people there and life there. I miss every journey from Nanjing to other city. I miss the child with a dream. I come to knowing this when I read this blog. Thanks for Jian Shuo and best wishes.

  10. Wow, the train looks so fancy. Just like an airplane except better. (I prefer train travel now over airplanes unless it’s for really long distances) But, I think I would miss the way the seats face people. That was great for meeting new people on the train and making new friends.

  11. too detailed i got lost with all the pictures.

    i came here just to know the schedule and costs.

    maybe that requires a new post. cheers

  12. Hi there, cheers for the info, really helpful and clear, could you let me know how to get to the Nanjing airport from the train station, also how long does the train takes from Shanghai to Nanjing? thanks.

  13. is there wireless internet and electric outlets in any of the cars? what about first class cars?

  14. do anyone know the fare and duration from shanghai to nanjing in this train ???????????i would be thankful to know that.

  15. I am coming to Hongkong and wanna go to Nanjing do provide me the list of trains for 5th march 2009 and the train fare in USD. and how much time it takes.

  16. very helpful info. Thanks.

    I’ll be arriving at PVG, Shanghai 13:55, and want to get to Nanjing same day by train, please advice the best way to get to the train station to go to NJ. How much time i should allow between airport and train station? also how to secure a ticket? Should i make a reservation in advance and have the station hold it?

  17. Hi, Mr. Wang:

    I am planning to take the D-train from Shanghai to Beijing in June. From, I saw that there are “soft” and “Hard” seats, at ¥543 & ¥452, respectively. Are the “Regular” seats in your Shanghai-Nanjing run the same as “Hard” seats? If so, the “regular” seats don’t look very hard to me, and they look the same size as the 1st Class seats Could you please tell me what might be the difference between the two. would there be more room between rows, so that the seat backs can recline more in the 1st class? Any other differences?

    The Shanghai-Beijing run takes 10 hours. are there dinning car in the train?

    Does the D-train supply tea for the passengers, or one will have to bring his own cup and tea to get the free hot water?

    I want to take the D-train for the reason to see the sceneries along the way. How much of it would I be able to see, if I took the T- or Z- overnighter?

    If possible, please reply directly to me. Thank you very much.

    Dr. K. F. Lin

  18. there is dinning shop in the train.

    they supply free hot water. the tea and a bottle of water need to can take some bread or coffee.

    soft seats is comfortable.

  19. Please give me route your train in Chinna

    Schedule Arrival, Time, Price, Destination

    Please inform to us.

    Thank you

  20. where can i buy the ticket for the first class??

    From shanghai to Nanjing…

    Please Let me know as soon as possible..Thanks

  21. Irene, you can buy ticket at the train station. Or you can resort to the Concierge if you are staying in a decent hotel.

  22. Please don’t ask me for price – check with a travel agent, since I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the result – it changes every few months.

  23. Dear Wang, I am editor in chief of an English professional railway magazine Railvolution (see

    I have seen your photos of CRH train on your web. I would like to ask you, if you can give me at disposal some photos in high resolution for the print in our magazine. And will you have please also photos of other new trains? Such as HXN3 diesel locomotives, or HXD2 electrics?

    Thanks for your answer.

    Jaromir Pernicka

    Mobile +420 603 828 928

  24. Anyone who has the info regarding the Shanghai to Nanjing express train (about one hour one way) which will start to serve in about 2-3 months. The speed will be 300-350 KM. What will be the price for 1st and economy class? Where is the best place to buy? Thanks for your earliest reply.

  25. I have no idea about the price. I heard rumor about Shanghai to Jiaxing (which is about 100km) cost about 45 RMB single trip, but never got confirmed. Shanghai – Nanjing is like 4 times longer, should be 100RMB to 200RMB.

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