Nanjing is an Amazing City

I am in Nanjing.

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center is wonderful, and the students, and faculty there are wonderful. I am very happy that China has such a great center with real international scope – they have Chinese students taught in English and American Students taught in Chinese – amazing idea implemented 20 years ago.

The bar at No. 72, Beijing Xi Road is a great one, especially on Friday night. We had wonderful time there, and left around 1:00 PM. It is that kind of school style + international style (mixed of students from different countries) and had wonderful settings. If you ask me about the most similar place, I would say the University Cafe on University Ave. near Standford.

The discussion today was fantastic (again, off the record meetings), but it really changed a lot of my ideas about international affairs.

I do love to stay with the friends I met in Nanjing.

1 thought on “Nanjing is an Amazing City

  1. Should be “Hopkins”. The Hopkins-Nanjing Center.

    The Center is jointly administered by Nanjing University and The Johns Hopkins University

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