Yifan’s Recent Photos

Yifan is 4 month and 12 days old today.

Here are his photos – a little, lovelym fatm healthy, and lazy boy.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang. Yifan and Wendy – what a sweet month-and-son

Babies grow so fast. I even can notice his daily progress. It is so nice to have a child.

6 thoughts on “Yifan’s Recent Photos

  1. Ohhhhh, so sweet and happy looking :-) It seems I have missed some of the previous pictures, Jian Shuo. I am going to have to go back and enjoy a “feast” of all of Yifan’s pictures now. He really is growing fast!

  2. Hehe – so very cute – no wonder you are proud!!… we’ve just hit 7-weeks, and Jaime looks so different now!! Every day is a blessing. :p –

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