AdSense Color Schema Change

You may notice some very small change to the color of the AdSense on the right side of this blog. (I believe most people even didn’t notice that).

History of AdSense on this Blog

Within one week, I will see AdSense on my blog for 4 years. On Oct 22, 2003, I put up AdSense, inspired by Anders. That was only half year later than Google acquired Applied Semantics, the company created Google AdSense. Then it was launched to the public, and I am among the first bloggers putting up this code.

This is the Third Change of AdSense on my blog

The previous change was adding More AdSense Code on Site. To tell you the result of that change, I didn’t see any significant change at all, so I rolled back to the one ad unit per page design very soon.

This color change is the third major changes I made in the last 4 years.

What is this Change?

To do a A/B test, I kept 50% of ads the same as before, what Google called 120×600 Open Air ad. Then I changed the other 50% of the ad to a new color schema:

Border: #336699

Background: #EAEFF4

Very Round Corner

I call this style: 120×600 336699 EAEFF4 RC

Why do the Change

I do enjoy writing blog, and I also feel that I should do something, at last, to test more ways to show the ads. If the ad is still complimentary to the content and not annoying for my readers, why not try a new color style, and it may generate a little bit more revenue than it did before?

My reader gave me a lot of support in the last two changes. I think for this change, it is still a good one. I mean, as long as it does hurt the reading experience.

Hope this single AdSense tower on the right is OK. I hope…

3 thoughts on “AdSense Color Schema Change

  1. I think you’re site looks great. I read it via RSS, so usually I don’t see the ads anyway.

    But one tool that I think might be helpful is the Adsense Deluxe WP Plugin, which allows you to insert lots of different ads into your posts.

    That way, if you want to insert bigger ads to only your older posts, you can. Your newer posts can stay clean for your most loyal readers.

    Whatever you decide, I think readers will continue to come back, because there’s quality content.

    Keep it up!

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