On the Top of 8 Meters…

Last weekend, I organized the team to attend the outdoor training in Shajiabang, Changshu, Jiangsu Province.

On of the interesting practice to challenge one’s courage is to jump over a 1.5 meter gap 8 meters above the ground. I jumped.

Pictures below are taken by York and Victor.

For more pictures of the outdoor training, please see the photo album:

Shajianbang.York (photo by York Liang)

Shajiabang.Victor (photo by Xiaoliang Pan)

About the Trianing

The training was facilitated by Shanghai Freely Training. The founder, Twins, is an active member in Smiling Library. Very nice person. The training was a huge success. I would highly recommend them if you want to build the team and increase communication between the team members. Blogbus attended the training and Hengge recommended it to me.

14 thoughts on “On the Top of 8 Meters…

  1. I think this is your Outward Bound School.

    Next time you engage a jump like that, never wear a short pants, make sure the life line is long enough to stay clear of the platform. The harness you use is not safe, in the event of mis-step, and a person like you is top heavy with big belly, you can easily fall through waist belt from the other side or break your spine. A Y-type harness can best protect you.

    Remember, you are a father now!

  2. Thanks stephen. For the protection, I thought it was safe enough – I have done this in Santa Cruz and in Sha Jia Bang, and they looks the same. Yes. I am a father now. But meantime, to take calculated risk, and be confident is what I learnt during the training.

  3. hi guys, will you pls help to translate this into English , thx a lot !’别想歪了'(一般开玩笑语境)

  4. hi morning…. it is not easy for me to find a Chinese who knows English well enough to help me translate below into Chinese, they are some words I really want to know the English version:

    1. 加油!加油!(快到终点了).

    2. 你很跩耶!(这样态度对老板!)

    3. 少装蒜!(你不是也想趁机踹他一脚!)

    4. (两天一分没少都在睡懒觉,)我可真服你了!

  5. I can translate the 1st sentence into English, just for reference.

    1.come on!come on!

  6. except come on! come on! and add oil !add oil! does somebody have other ideas on these ?

  7. @naruto, let me try to translate, although it is far from correct:

    1. Go! Go! Go!

    Well. For the rest, it is so hard to translate. Hmmm… I give up.

  8. thankQ for your kindness men….i dont need them translated word by word , they can be said in another way but expressed the same feelings…. pls continue your being kind to help…:)

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