Shanghai South Railway Statoin – Part II

To read the first part of this article, check Shanghai South Railway Station

This time, let me post some real photos of the station.

The photos are being uploaded, and it takes some time. When finished, you can view it at Shanghai Railway Station Album.

The entrance to the garage of the Shanghai South Railway Station – at the north west side of the “big circle”.

The grass wave outside the station.

The platform of the Shanghai South Railway Station

How the railway and the big “circle” interchange with each other

All trains from Hangzhou direction come in from these rails facing southwest

The roof of the platform in Shanghai South Railway Station

This is the famous big roof of the station

The roof, again!

This is the waiting area of the station – much better design than the current Shanghai Railway Station since it is really easy to balance the traffic – if there are too many people for one train, they can move to the nearby area to wait for the train

People get into the waiting area from the slop

Again, the big roof – the landmark of the station

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12 thoughts on “Shanghai South Railway Statoin – Part II

  1. i was surprised when i saw these pictures because, while the design in general is impressive, the landscape is so blatantly copied from the shell petroleum headquarters in france by kathryn gustafson, built in 1991. while probably not well known to the general public, it was featured in the very influential groundswell exhibition at the MOMA as well as the exhibition catalog in 2005 and is easily recognizable by anyone with training or interest in landscape architecture.

    copying designs is not uncommon because our work is not covered by any copyright other than technical patents for individual technologies but it is especially pervasive in china and some other countries in asia because the designers have not had the opportunity to travel abroad during their education or interact with foreign designers, and the pressure to build so quickly. when i was working in beijing a few summers ago, i found such a nonchalant attitude towards it by the local professionals, even for very high profile projects.

    shell petroleum

  2. @jing, I searched for the Shell Petroleum Headquarters picture. The two scene do look alike!

    The Shanghai South Railway Station was designed by AREP, France. Maybe it was “inspired” by the France architect? I am not sure whether I should use “inspired” or “copy”, since the line is blury.

    Good point, though, to bring two similar design together, and ask: why?

  3. Hello!

    I was reading your info about the Shanghai South Railway Station.

    I was wondering if this is the same station I should go to travel to Chengdu?

    Many thanks!

  4. hi

    my friend and i would like to know where can we book online for train tickets to and from shanghai/beijing. we will be travelling to and from on nov 29 and dec 02 respectively.

    we hope you can help us in regard to this because our flight is fast approaching and yet we dont have train tickets yet.

    thanks a lot

  5. hi , i’d like to know if to get to the Shanghai South Railway Station from the pudong airport i must do the same steps as written in the part 1 ( the article was written in 2006 so i hope now is more easy to get to this station :)

    and how much would cost take a taxi from the airport to this station ?


  6. Hi, I”d like to get some advice. I will be staying in Sofitel Hotel (Nanjing road east) and planning to take a one day tour to Hangzhou. A few questions that I have:

    1. Is it a good experience to use train ?.(I am referring with maglev experience).

    2. It it full or we can relax sit in an given seat number ?.

    3. I want to take only half part with train and the other part by bus. Which option is the best ?. (Train from Shanghai in the morning or take train from Hangzhou in late afternoon) ?. Considering that I can’t read and speak mandarin.

    4. Is there any tour agent that I can join which have this kind of arrangement ?.(handle the tour in hangzhou and arrange the travel with train and bus ). Can you provide name and cost ???.

    Thank you

  7. 1. It is equally comfortable to use train and bus for most travelers. My personal preference is train, but others say bus is better.

    2. Typically train tickets will be fully sold out. If you are luck, you will get into an empty cart. Yes. You have to sit according to the seat number.

    3. If you only plan one trip, if I were you, I will plan bus back, since bus is more flexible.

    4. I would suggest CTIS (China International Tour Service), and Youth Tour Service. They may have routes. You can book it when you are in Shanghai.

  8. It is reported that all international flights who are using PVG will be reverted back to Hong Qiao Traffic Hub (SHA) by spring next year in time for the Expo, can anyone verify this report?

  9. Got the news from one of the contractor who are working on the project, but officially the authority haven’t confirm the decision yet.

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