Yifan in His Two Months

Yifan is in his second months now. Let me post two recent photos of him. I am always so happy

  • to hold him in my arm and look at his naughty face
  • to watch him fall asleep
  • to hear his voice (just some fragment of sounds)
  • to take photos of him
  • to whatever he wanted me to do
  • to see his expression (of whatever kind)


  1. How lovely baby YiFan is! He looks more like his mother, isn’t it?

  2. ILH, many people say so. I my opinion, his eyes and nose are more like Wendy and the mouth is more like me. :-)

  3. he is cute!

  4. A perfectly beautiful combination of your both. Such happy days for your family :-)

  5. Carroll, thanks. Yes. Yifan will be 2 month old on August 2, and we plan to have a family celebrating for Yifan. Time flies so fast, just as you said.

  6. Congratulating Yifan two month!Above two photos was his one month pictures,he does not have a haircut yet.

  7. What a sweet picture (1st one especially). Hmm, I think you’ll see an actual naughty face in 2 years!

    Congratulations again!

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