Jinjiang Inn at Pudong Airport – Part II

This is the second part of my first part on Jinjiang Inn at Pudong Airport.

There are basically only two hotels near the Pudong Airport – within walking distance – one is a little bit more expensive – the Ramada Pudong Airport Hotel, and the other is cheaper, the Jinjiang Inn.

Here are the questions about the hotel:

We have some questions about the Jin Jiang Inn and we hope you will be so kind to give some information.

1) Will that hotel still be there January 16th, 2008?

2) Is there a possibility to make reservations via internet in English?

3) Is there a shuttlebus from the airport to the hotel or is it really on walking distance?

Of course we have time enough to arrange but nevertheless we hope to hear soon from you.

Here are my answers.

1) I don’t know exactly whether they have room on the specific date. Check their website (English) for more information and make reservation accordingly.

2) Yes. Use the website I provided. They provide hotlines and an email address.

3) It is REALLY within walking distance, but it is not a very short distance – depending on how far you think is acceptable for walk.

Check this map below to see the satilite image of the hotel: You can see on the map, there is a rectangle building with parking lots – that’s it.

On this map, I put the small image of the hotel just near the middle of the upper edge of the map (left of the map button), and show you the Pudong Airport at the bottom – the big square lake is the entrance to the airport and you can see planes there.

Judge whether it is OK for you to walk – depending on many luagge you take. Anyway, just as I suggested, don’t take the taxi since they have been waiting there for hours and don’t want to take you for that short distance.

9 thoughts on “Jinjiang Inn at Pudong Airport – Part II

  1. I am going to visit Shanghai in a few months. Can someone recommend an inexpensive, but decent hotel with nice transportation options? Preferably close to Xu Jia Hui? Any suggestions?

    I recall there is a hotel next to the No. 6 People’s Hospital. What is the name of that hotel?

  2. Hi,

    regarding 1), maybe nobody knows!?

    regarding 2), goto this page


    you can select town and hotel and check for availability and so on. You can even open a map

    and a description of the hotel

    regarding 3) it seems to be several km from airport according to some older posts here.

    Hope this helps


  3. is ji jian inn the building beside the pudong airport? my flight will arrive at 12 in the morning so i need a place to stay near the airport

  4. I tried booking for the Jin Jiang hotel near the Pudong airport. I get all kind of Jin Jiang Inn except the one near the Pudong airport. I have also tried the Jin Jiang website in English but they keep pointing to all the other Jin Jiang Inn except the one at the airport. This hotel near the airport must be a myth. I can see it in the map (I think), but cannot see it on their web page and any other website for Shanghai hotels. There are 6 Jin Jiang Inn shown, and none of them is anywhee near the airport.

    So I am going to ask my driver to take me to this hotel (using the address given) and hopefully we find the hotel there.

  5. I have just spent about two hours trying to make an internet booking with the hotel, but to not avail. In the end I just called the number and with their broken English, I was able to make the booking.

    It is not your fault these people are chinese. However thank you for your blog help to get a reasonable price hotel for half a night before my am flight out of the country and hopefully out of a splitting headache

  6. With a lot of patience ( I too was having trouble with the Jin Jian Inn website. I got to this page for the Shanghai Pudong Airport hotel. In english. There is a button at the bottom to book your room. I’m a little apprehensive about travel from the airport to the hotel based on some of the other comments but we’ll make it work.


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