Pudong Airport to Ramada Plaza Hotel

Today, I want to help a visit to Shanghai to find out his/her hotel – Ramada Plaza at 700 Jiujiang Road.

It is obviously impossible for me to answer all the questions related to a hotel, and it is boring for my reader, but the motivation behind every entry like this (I mean post answers for a very specific question) is, I believe details in trip planning helps more than just overall introduction. MAYBE in the details, you can find some good information about this city. Let me try this one:

Your website and blog will be a big help for my trip to Shanghai next week. However, I need to ask you if it is possible to take Maglev train from PVG to Longyang Road, then Metro Line 2 and stop at Henan Road Station? From the station can I take a cab to my hotel, Ramada Plaza Hotel in 700 Jiujiang Road? How much is the total fare? Hope you can enlighten me. Thank you so much.

Bingo! Your planned trip was wonderful one. Let me walk you through the trip.

Take Maglev from PVG to Long Yang Road Station?

Exactly. This is my recommendation. Maglev is not just a train to get to you, it is also a good experience that you won’t want to miss in Shanghai.

Then Metro #2 to Henan Road Station

Yes. The transition at the Long Yang Road Station is very easy, just 20 meters away, and the two builds are so close that you won’t get wet even when it rains.

One thing to pay attention. The Middle Henan Road has been renamed to East Nanjing Road. Don’t miss it. If you do miss this station, you can also exit at the People’s Square Station. Both station can get you to Ramada – it is just in the middle.

Taxi to Ramada

Well. I may not suggest so. It is not far from the station, and if you have a map and you don’t have too big luaggage, you can just go by walk. It should be within 5 minutes.

The other major reason is, it is even more confusing to get a taxi than walking in that area. The Nanjing Road is the pedstrain road, and there are no cars on it. You have to walk to nearby Road. Jiujiang Road (where the hotel is) is a single direction road, that your way is the opposite direction. If you take a taxi, the driver has to you to the other single direction road heading west, and then get back to Jiujiang Road – at least twice the distance than walking.

Ask your hotel to get more details…

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  1. Saw the news this morning with regret, the Maglev south extention has been called off, and the Shanghai Maglev will stand alone and become a showy piece.

    Just like the monorail in Seattle, it serve mainly the tourists.

  2. I am going to stay at this hotel in SHANGHAI: XINPENG HOTEL, 760 Xi Jiang Wan Road, Shanghai 200083, Telephone :(86) 21 6536 2069, Fax :(86) 21 6536 2093. I am coming to visit from Canada. Do you know what public transportation I can take from the Pudong airport to the Xinpeng Hotel? I could not find any web site or email for the hotel to ask the hotel myself. Please let me know the bus route or subway train number to take. thanks.

  3. Jody, transportation to a hotel is always a hard problem to solve in Shanghai. I hope I can create something to help every single visitor who want to visit any hotel. Unfortunately, I don’t know every hotel in Shanghai and it takes time to build up the site (content and system).

    For the hotel you are going to, I happen to know it is by the Metro Line #3. So take Airport Shuttle Bus #3 or #7 to Long Yang Road, then take Metro #2 to Zhong Shan Park (Its current terminal station) and transfer to Metro #3, then arrive at the Hong Kou Stadium Station. Then you are within walking distance to the hotel.

    Good luck!

  4. hi! this october would be my second trip to shanghai… My first trip was together with a tour group so i am still not familiar with the transportation modes of shanghai..

    my question is, how can i get to jiujiang road or nanjing road from pudong airport if my plane’s arrival time is around 11:30PM? I know that the maglev train is only until 9PM, so taking the maglev then to the metro to people’s park or nanjing station is not an option. What other modes of transportation aside from the taxi can i take (that is at the same time affordable since i have a tight budget)? tnx!

  5. Pudong to the Renaisonce Hotel, South He Nan Road.

    Metro or Maglev for the easiest option, please?

    Prefer to ride the Maglev on my return journey to the airport once I’m more familiar with area!?

    Please reply to my email address…thank you….

  6. I want to know the cheapest and comfortable mode of conveyance from Pu Dong Airport to Hotel Ramada Plaza Pu Dong South. My arrival at Pu Dong Airport is 11 AM

  7. How to go to ramada plaza pudong from pudong international airport by public transport? Thank you

  8. How to go to ramada plaza pudong from pudong international airport by public transport? Thank you

  9. @Lee, it is actually within walking distance. It may takes about 10 minutes to walk from the arrival hall. If you don’t have big luggage, that is a good choice. I remember they also have shuttle bus to the airport. You can ask the hotel.

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