Trip Plan Case Study – Shanghai – Hangzhou

This is a case study of a typical trip, along with my suggestions. (The questions were edited a little bit – just some editorial changes).

I read your blog. It’s very interesting, especially because I’ll visit Shanghai in next 10 days. Well, I’m Indonesian Chinese overseas, not fluetly Pu Tong Hua speaking, so will be though back to mainland :)

I have free time before my course, I’ll come to Shanghai at 2nd Jun morning. I plan to go Hangzhou, to visit Xi Hu and Long Jing, then the next day go to Suzhou, do you have any recommened place to visit in here?

and 4 Jun will back to Shanghai, i’ll stay at cypress garden hotel, is it good hotel?

At 4 I plan to visit Shanghai museum and have dinner in Bund area, any recommended place?

After all, is it a “make sense” plan? because actually I don’t know exact distance between the place :)

Need you advise

Thanks in advance

First of all, let me tell you how far Shanghai and Suzhou and Hangzhou is.

Hangzhou is 2 hour to 2.5 hour’s drive from Shanghai, or more than 200 km. Suzhou is about 100 km away from Shanghai and takes about 1.5 hours from Shanghai.

Hangzhou is at southwest of Shanghai, and Suzhou at west. Look at the map below.

So it makes sense to visit Hangzhou, and then go directly from Hangzhou to Suzhou, and then back to Shanghai. It is not a perfect triangle, but very similiar.

I would say, if you arrive in Shanghai, and then go to Hangzhou the same day, it can be too rush. Why not spend the rest of the day in Shanghai and have some rest and then go to Hangzhou the second day? Typically Hangzhou needs one day or two days, and if you go directly there, at least half day is wasted on the road.

The other way to do it is to arrive in Hangzhou in the early afternoon (depending when your flight arrives in Shanghai), and spend after at Xihu (or West Lake). Spend as much time as possible at West Lake. It is really good.

For Suzhou, definitely go to Hupao (or the Tiger Spring?) That is my favorite place.

Cypress is a good hotel. I would recommend it.

On the Bund, my favorite place is the Three on the Bund. It is expensive though.

The M on the Bund on the opposite side of the street is also good.

There are not so many restraunts along the Bund. If you want, the Shanghai Uncle restraurant under the Bund Center is good.

So have a good trip – it seems you have put a lot of places into your tight 3 day schedule. It seems to me that there are too much – you may think about extending for at least one day for better experience.

Happy traveling!

13 thoughts on “Trip Plan Case Study – Shanghai – Hangzhou

  1. I can concur on Jian Shuo’s comment regarding Hangzhou – Xihu, which I’ve just visited on May 15. I truely regret that I spend only one day there….

    Enjoy it.


  2. If I hire a Shanghai taxi to Hangzhou for one day tour, say from 0700 thru 2300, what is the fair fare the driver would charge?

  3. For Suzhou, definitely go to Hupao (or the Tiger Spring?)

    Hupao is in Hangzhou not in Suzhou

  4. I would like to know the normal prices of 3-course dining in Three of the Bund.

    Want to try it after your recommendation. :) Thanks.

    I am currently in Suzhou and I think what you mentioned is Hu Qiu 虎丘 (Tiger Mountain)?

  5. Hu Pao is a place in Hangzhou.I think what Jiansuo want to tip is Hu Qiu(at northwest Suzhou).The place I most like is Dong Shan in suzhou,in hangzhou is YangGongDi.

  6. Yes,Hu Pao (tiger spring ) is a place in Hangzhou. In suzhou, there is a famous scenic spot called ” Hu Qiu ” (or Tiger Hill).

  7. i am a tour guide in nanjing ,suzhou,hangzhou and shanghai. anybody who’d like to vist these cities ,just call me 13770922258 .will make your visit comfortable and enjoyable!!!

  8. Hello my name is Shirleya native English speaker form New Zealand. A great sight indeed that I discovered while cruising the net. I am very interested in visiting the suzhou and hangzhou area. I am currently staying in shanghai and just finished my teaching contract with an English School and will remain in Shanghai for the next 20 days. I have a few questions that I would like answered please.

    1. Is it safe for a older and more mature female to visit these places on my own?

    2. What is the cost of a taxi to these places or is there other transport.

    3. Do you know of any other person who is interested in visiting these places over the next 2-3 weeks that may want a travelling companion.

    Thankyou and I look forward to your reply.

  9. hello Jian Shou!

    i’m an architecture student from singapore and i’m really interested in old shanghainese developments that are being torn down by new developments. your blog entry on how the xintiandi was built gave me plenty of insights on this topic. i am in need of a site for my latest project and would really love to have one of these kind of sites (under threats from urbanisation). how is xintiandi today? has it been completely replaced by new developments? i would like to visit shanghai soon on an architectural trip, can u suggest to me a similar place? one with old developments/housings still existing but is under threat of being demolished and replaced by modern buildings?

    thanks alot, your blog entries has really helped me understand the topic better. looking forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,


  10. If i want to drive to Hanzhou from Shanghai, which highway should i take? Is it A8? Does anybody know where can i get online map (english version) from Shanghai to Hanzhou?

  11. I’ll be visiting Hangzhou and Shanghai in april’08 for 7 days with 3 senior citizens, please kindly recommend us which hotel and area to stay.

  12. hi,

    i’m salwa from Malaysia. i’m taking the Air Asia to Hangzhou in November to go to Shanghai for Arashi concert.

    what transportation is best for me to take to get to Shanghai, to be exact the Shanghai Indoor Stadium?

    thanks in advance.

  13. Hi,

    I am coming for 9 days to Shanghai Expo and the surrounding area.

    I plan to see the Expo part from Tuesday through Friday (next week) walk in Shanghai on Sat. and tour outside for Sunday-Tuesday.

    I am very interested in all of the areas but unsure how to structure my tours and how to get to places.

    I understand that renting a car is out of the question. Would hiring a driver & car be good? It’s a little pricy but not extreme.

    I hear of so many pretty and nice places but I don’t want to be with a million tourists everywhere.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions.



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