Flowers in Spring, in my Garden

This is late spring, or arguably early summer. Look at these flowers in my garden. All the pictures were taken in the 24 Hours of Flickr event on May 5, 2007.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Shall I create some post cards with these photos, and nice flowers?


  1. Cheerful flowers and a nice mix of them, good job, gardening can be very relaxing.

  2. very beautiful flowers and great post card material.

  3. Beautiful :) I didn’t know you were a gardener!

  4. That flowers could make you energetic the whole day ~

    Wonderful job.

  5. Thanks. The flowers were beautiful. I completely agree. :-)

  6. probably you can create an e-card to be inlcuded in your blog and for your fans to email it out to their friends. how about that?

  7. So beautiful.

    The last one should be Mudan.

    Am I right?

  8. The first one was a little underexposed.

  9. …lovely plants – lovely photos. Any recommendations where I can buy really good soil for different plans?

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