Congrats to George!

Congrats to George and Iris for their wedding today. I share their happiness and best wishes!

I was happy to attend their wedding at beautiful Gaoyou Road in Xujiahui, and took the chance to reunion with fellow Microsoft guys.

When I meet Annie, and exchanged name, she asked: “Are you THAT Wang Jian Shuo?” I said, “Yes. I am the Wang Jian Shuo of”. :-)


  1. Wow. Name recognition! You’re a bonafide celebrity now, Jian Shuo :-)

  2. Ohh you’s been there as well? miss to see you that day. :-D

  3. Johnny, I was there. It is a pity that we missed each other. Let’s try to find other time to gather, maybe at Hellen’s wedding?

  4. not receive Helen’s wedding invite..;-)

    Maybe we could do the *team reunite* again in the beginninig of June if you have time?

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