Flickr Meetup This Saturday

Shanghai Sky sent me a note in Flickr about the Flickr Meetup This Saturday (tomorrow). I’d like to spread out the word.

Time: Saturday, May 12, 7:00 PM

Location: La Bella Cafe, 127 Yongfu Road, Shanghai

If you are interested, you are suggested to go. Here is more about the photo competition/auction/charity/event/group…

BTW, I love the phrase of “China Next”. There are a lot for us to expect for the next stage of China.

China Next: China’s Future

PhotographyShanghai Flickr Meetup/Charity Photography Competition

Date: May 12th, 2007

Location: Labella Cafe, 127 Yongfu Road

7:00 PM

1. Description

a. China Next: China’s Future. A photography competition raising money

for Shanghai’s underprivileged students.

b. The Shanghai Flickr Meetup group is organizing a charity auction

event。 Flickr members submit their digital photographs under the

theme “China Next: China’s Future” as seen by the photographer. The

winning photographs will be printed, framed and then sold at auction

for charity during the event. The competition is open to anyone (to

enter get a free account at and post entries at

c. For this event, the Shanghai Flickr Meetup group will be raising

funds for Shanghai charity Shanghai Sunrise. Shanghai Sunrise aims to

help remove Shanghai families from the poverty cycle by providing

education scholarships for disadvantaged students.

d. All funds raised from the auction will be donated to Shanghai

Sunrise. Our host of this event, La Bella Café will donate 30% of the

evening’s takings to Shanghai Sunrise. Kodak China has graciously

donated the printing and framing costs for the chosen photographs.

e. This competition is open to all photographers. The photograph

entering the competition can only be submitted via the Flickr system

at You can register for a

free account at

2. Competition and event schedule.

a. Competition entries can be submitted from Friday 6th of April 2007.

b. The competition will close on April 27th 2007 6pm Shanghai

Time (+10 UTC).

c. Our guest judge will make a shortlist of selected photographs from

the submitted pool according to the guidelines outlined below.

d. Flickrites owning the short listed photographs will be notified by

Flickr Mail by May 2nd 2007. To proceed to the printing process, the

short listed candidates must provide the organizers with high

resolution images by May 5th 2007. This can be done via email or FTP

transfer. The photographs will then be printed and framed by Kodak

China. The photographic auction will be held at the La Bella Café in

Shanghai on May 12th, 2007 from 7pm.

3. The Judging Process

a. The judge is a renowned professional journalist

b. Our judge will select 9 photographs that most closely match the

theme, and what appeals to them the most. The judge will also choose

one of their own photographs for the auction event. These 10

photographs will be printed and auctioned.

c. The judge will also select an additional five (5) runner’s up

photographs in case the owner’s of the selected photographs cannot be

contacted or produce a high-resolution image of their winning image in

time for printing.

d. The remainder of the photographs submitted to the competition will

be streamed during the charity auction for everyone’s enjoyment.

4. Awards

a. You get the warm and fuzzy feeling that you had one of the 10

winning photographs. Sorry, this whole event is for charity and all

the time, effort and materials involved in this event are donated.

b. If you wish, your Flickr name or real name and a short biography

will be placed next to the photograph when it is exhibited. We will

also attach a similar biography label on the rear of the framed

photograph as well.

c. If there are any inquiries regarding people wanting to purchase or

reproduce your images, we will direct them to your Flickr account.

5. Specifications for submissions.

a. It has to be a photograph (no artwork or photographs of artwork).

b. You must own and possess the photograph you submit!

c. We only accept digital files for this competition. The file can

come from either a negative scan or a digital camera.

d. Please submit a digital image of a minimum of 800 pixels in length

for the judging process. Bigger, the better for judging.

e. If you are selected as a winner, you must be able to supply the

organizers with a minimum of 3000 x 2000 pixel image in TIFF format

(.tif) for the final print. If you can’t supply this larger file

size, we can’t print your photograph (and will choose another

Flickrites’ entry).

f. Each Flickr account can submit a maximum of 3 photographs for this


g. Both color and black and white photographs are eligible.

h. Submission to be made by Flickr in group.

i. If the photographer cannot produce a high-resolution photograph by

May 3, another short-listed candidate/photograph will be chosen.

6. Use of images and copyright

a. We respect your rights. Any images submitted to this competition

remain yours. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the


b. By submitting your photograph to this competition, you agree that

you are the owner of the photograph and submit this for use within the

competition. The organizers accept no responsibility for fraudulent


c. By submitting your photograph, you understand that your image may

be used by the organizers for promotional purposes of the auction

event, such as printing for auction, or use in a slideshow at the

event. You also agree that by submitting your photograph to this

competition, you agree that one (1) sole print may be produced for

fundraising purposes only by auction for this specific charity auction


d. We will try and respect your wishes in the printing and

presentation of your images. However, some minor image adjustment may

be required during the printing process to make your image look its

best on paper or card. Any adjustments will be done by a professional

photographer and printing technician with your wishes taken into


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