Lujiazui is Full

This is Friday (TGIF).

It is rainy.

When Friday meets rain, the traffic of Shanghai halts.

We drive to Lujiazui to have dinner. I won’t say Shanghai is a boring city, but I do admit sometimes (like today), there is almost not many choices when you have to select a restaurant. The Lujiazui area and the Biyun area are the only two region I am interested to go.

The bad news was, the parking at the Super Brand Mall was full. All the gates were closed with a guard waving red stick, and driving cars away. No surprise. Because this biggest parking area was closed, all the other parking places were full.

What does it mean? It means the Lujiazui financial area was FULL. There is no parking place. The Fucheng Road was a small road that does not allow street parking. It is full. Unless some decides to violate stop at the major roads (like Century Road), there is nothing left for cars.

Disappointed am I, we moved away and went to the Biyun International District to have our dinner.

Uncle Police Called to Delete Posting

This didn’t happen to me yet, but it happens to my friend. He has a small blog, and wrote some article about finance. It may mentioned the name someone in power. The Uncle Police (the way children typically call policeman) called, and asked him to delete the post. They do have great technology to track who wrote what, via which telephone line, and on which computer. Then they have the power to map the post with a real person, and get his/her telephone number.

This happens all the time. I also have a friend to see policemen show up at door to ask her to cancel the gathering of tomorrow.

Let me write it down. After several years or (sadly) may be decades, people have some idea about what is happening in the year of 2007.

Personal Tax Claim

I got the claim form, the envelope and the return envelope. You know what I am going to do? Yes. I will claim my income tomorrow.

Spring Comes

Spring comes. The trees in my garden grows some new leaves and branches. They look reddish. Some grows 10 cm longer than two weeks ago. Spring comes.

BP Services Shut Down

Today, China Unicom shutdown the BP service (Pager) except in some limited usage in Shanghai. I had a black pager, and Wendy has a light yellow one when we were in university 10 years ago.

Let me find out where my pager is, and take some picture of the two little toys. It seems we will never be able to use it (although we didn’t use it in the last ten years when we got our first mobile).

11 thoughts on “Lujiazui is Full

  1. For the mall, they need a valet service.

    For the blog, You should watch what you write. Big brother is watching. Freedom of speech. This is why I love America!

  2. I can understand how build up and crowded this part of Shanghai could be now after I left the city about six years ago. Then I was studying at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) for a MA degree in English Literature and Translation. I often went there to get the feel of how big the city was and how small Jianfeng was!

  3. Damn, You are rich, My Study brother (I call him study brother, Because we both are SJTU grads). I never think about going to Lujiazui or Biyun to have dinner all of my six years in Shanghai. I thought they charge a great amount of money while the meal is no such better than Xiaochi Square in SJTU.

  4. Hmm, I had no idea Lujiazui had good food. From far away, the place looks so empty and boring, and unfriendly towards pedestrians, like an American downtown. :p

  5. Jianshuo, go to Puxi.

    Take no. 2 subway to People’s Square, go out of the south end

    and walk east to Yunnan Nan Lu.

    Many small cheap good restaurants !

    Great food !

  6. My little pager, Motorola,bought in a shop nearby the main gate of SJTU in 1999?,

    greets me evry morning.(Morning call). I will keep it all my life.

  7. Wow, no parking in Lujiazui, your life is so hard and difficult! How do you manage to survive everyday?

  8. Jianshuo –

    Shanghai is a developed world city now, at least mostly. What that means is that you can’t expect to drive into a major business and entertainment district on Friday night and expect to find a parking place. This is just as true of New York, London and Paris. Remember that post about the metro a few days ago…?

    Cars and cities just don’t mix well.

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