What Matters to Me Most Today?

When I write a blog, I often ask the question: What matters to me most today? No matter how big or small, it is something that matters. A good blogger does not only describe something, but also describes why it matters, and tell people the details. (I think I read about this tip from a article about how to write better blog 4 years ago).


The spring comes, and flowers blooms. White magnolia (白玉兰) was full of flowers – one window in my dining room is full of the whitish and reddish flowers. That is so good.

5G on Internet Expo

Spent the afternoon in 5G. Struggled a lot about whether to stay at home and be with Wendy or attend 5G. Finally, I decided to have a quick attendance to 5G. The topic for this 5G Review is “China International Internet Culture Expo”, which will be held this Oct in Beijing. People shared a lot of suggestions about how to revolutionalize the expo to the next level.

Running in my Garden

Exercise does need a big playground. I found a route – short but decent in my garden – that I can even run for 10 minutes. This made me very happy. No excuse to lack of resources or time to exercise. The perfect place is exactly in my garden

Ping Pong Tonight

I paid for a Ping Pong mentor to play Ping Pong with me tonight in the primary school nearby. I didn’t play Ping Pong for a long time. I think it is a good idea to find a mentor to help me to play professionally. My mentor Ni is good. I paid 50 RMB per hour for the service, including the venue. I will be there every Saturday night and Monday night.

7 thoughts on “What Matters to Me Most Today?

  1. Jianshuo, pinot 5 is good.

    Someday we must have a pingpong game !

    Wendy can do together, as Xiuying is very good too.

  2. By the way, Xiuying had a quite good mentor, he just charged 30RMB/hour

    Jianshuo, send me an SMS, then I willl return his name&number.

  3. the first time i meet with your blog

    i agree with your view about the blog is used to write details in

    our life but summary.i am glad to see your blog.


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