I Found a Bug – in my Soup

I found a bug today.

It is not a bug in software, not in hardware system, and not in any context with extended meaning. It is a real bug – in the soup of my lunch.

It is in the Han She tea house at Grand Gateway.

I called the waitress, and she said sorry, but there is nothing she can do. I called the manager, and manager came. Finally, they returned the money for the lunch.

I have a question, what will you do if you find a bug (bigger than two rice) in your soup in a restaurant?

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  1. hehe… what a experience. I am not sure whether is the a Consumer Association in Shanghai. In my country, if a patron complaint about this incident and the assocation/goverment found out this is true, the shop owner’s license to operate will be revoked and fined with a hefty sum.

  2. usually, I woundn’t say anything if i meet such thing. In china, it takes place very often. and the reataurant wouldn’t give you any good face when they handle it.

  3. I don’t know what country DC comes from, but in the US the restaurant owner would assume that you have put the bug in yourself in order to get a free meal. They MIGHT give you a new bowl of soup. And they would give you your money back if they were really convinced you weren’t trying to trick them. You could complain to some authority or other, or write a letter to your local newspaper and hope they print it.

  4. If I see a bug in my soup at the restaurant, I’ll first pay for the meal and pack the soup and the bug, so the evidence is rightfully belong to me.

    Register the complaint with the local health authority together with the evidence, if there is one bug in the soup, there must have a group in the kitchen and it is easy for the authority to trace the source of the insanitary.

    If you live in a city you call home, this is how I ensure the food I eat is safe for me and the fellow citizens. Asking for a free meal or money back does not help the restaurant to keep their kitchen clean.

  5. In my experience, almost 99% resturants are not clean enough. Just let it go, do you remember your college resturant? :-)

    If I find a bug, it’s reasonable to get the money for the lunch. I think most resturant owner will afford that. You can even ask him to return the double money, but no more.

  6. If I found a bug in the soup I was eating, I would probably become violently ill, start vomiting, collapse, and have an ambulance called to take me to the hospital. I would ask the doctor to pump my stomach and purge my system of all traces of the *bug soup.*

    after getting needed medical treatment, then I would make an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist for counseling…yes, counseling because I would probably have a hatred for all soup and possibly even food.

    then I would find the best possible personal injury lawyer I could to represent me in my case against the restaurant which served me bug soup.

  7. Zjemi, I don’t know which part of the US you live in, but here in Texas, both replacing the soup and requesting a refund are perfectly normal options. Unless, of course, you’re talking about Chinese restaurants in America, the owners of which are often ethically challenged.

  8. Firstly, I would take a photo by the camera of my mobile phone as an evidence, then ask the manager to give me a way to solve it that satisfy me. Maybe get the refund, but I couldn’t have another meal there, even though it was a free one.

    BTW, i would like to tell you guys how important that you take an evidence. It happened in Guan qian street Suzhou several months ago. Several guys also found a bug in the dinner in Chuang Fu restaurant.So they called the waitor,but there was nothing he could do.A manager came but he said he wouldn’t take a responsibility for it.So they called another manager to come, he apologize for what happened and promised to give another free dish.The customers agreed and asked the former to apologize.Yes, he did.And the customers asked him why he was wrong.The manager bacame angry and tried to take the dish with bug away.The customers didn’t agree and took the photo of the dish.The manager ordered the waiters to closed the door of the room and fight with them. One of the customer tried to not let the door close and another one called 110, and they didn’t be hurted.

    Several days later, the customers made a copy in a word file to describe what happened that day, they sent it to other people via internet,from the picture , we can see the bug. So more and more people in Suzhou knew this and it really hurt Chuang fu restaurant’s reputation.

  9. I have come across such case. I just asked the boss what to do?

    Luckily she was not bad and promised me another same Guilin Rice Noodles.

  10. It depends.

    If it’s an upscale estabilishment, i will call the waiter over and informt hem quitely. I do expect a replacement meal. Personally I think ask for a refund could be over the top.

    If it’s a street stall, small eatery, I’ll probably ignor it and just don’t have that particular dish.

    It’s intersting this topic came from an urban dweller like yourself. In wonder if the responce will be different coming from a different part of the country/ world?

    I travel a lot – backpacking really. And after seeing how hard some local people’s lives can be, a few bugs in food don’t bother me. All I can probably think about is, someone probably can’t even afford this meal.

    But like I said, it depends. If I’m dining at one of the (over rated) joints at No.3 On the bund, I’d expect a replacement and a profound apology.

  11. Well bugs in soup seem to be normal if your living in northwest china, but generally they are deep fried and quite tasty.

    The humble Cicada (big and crunchy is a local favorite)

    I prefer the bugs on the dish, deep fried in chili,

    not attempting to run away my pickled veggies. :)


  12. Here with my friend’s;

    Wow, thanks to the bug, it tells my right choice eating in this restaurant,

    and many many thanks to the boss, providing green & health food.

  13. I will lose my stomach if I found a bug in my soup.wow,It’s a good way to lose my weight. :) I did not need a free meal.it is awful.

  14. I ate half of a taco bell taco salad then found the outer skin of a caterpillar on the fork as I was about to eat another mouthful!! it made my stomach so sick. anyway thats how I found this site, I was looking for a way to feel compensated for this awful experience. all suggestions are welcome – misterbms1@yahoo.com

  15. i found a bug in my soup well i was eating at swiss chalet and i was wonder who to cantact to talk to about this…

  16. Huh!!!I found a worm in the salad!That really made me sick, especially taking into account it’s my number one phobia since my childhood. This was North Korean restaurant in Parkson, Hongqiao, on the 5th floor. They even did not apologize!Moreover, they were angry we didn’t give them tips!!!!

  17. we drank the Progresso Vegetable Classics soup last night and my boyfriend ate an insect and chewed it then immediately threw it up…it’s so disgusting ….. what can i do now??!! call the customer service ???

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