Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

Here is the latest map Shanghai Metro and Maglev Future Plan (2006-2012). I know many people who live in Shanghai will find it interesting.

Here are my take-aways from the map.

Many More Lines to Build

Currently, we only have Metro Line #1, Line #2, Line #3, Line #4, Line #5, and Maglev.

In the map, we see Line #6, Line #7, Line #8, Line #9, Line #11, Line #12, Line #13, and the extension of Maglev.

When all these are built, Shanghai will completely be another city – the concept of far, or near will be redefined.

Maglev Extends to Hong Qiao Airport

In case you don’t read Chinese, and cannot find the Maglev, look for the line in the lower part with this color:


It will extends from the current Pudong Airport to Long Yang Road, and then go through the World Expo Site, and THEN, go to a triage conjunction. One branch will go directly to the Hong Qiao Aiport, and the other branch will go to Hangzhou.

At the Hong Qian Airport, it will meet with the Shanghai Beijing High Speed Railway, and the Metro Line #2, and (of cause) the Hong Qiao Airport.

There will be Maglev train connecting the two busiest airports in China: Hong Qiao and Pudong. Meanwhile, the Metro Line #2 will extend to both side, and also connects Hong Qiao and Pudong Airport.

Line #11 is Amazing

Line #11 runs from Jiading, across the downtown, and finally reaches the Donghai Bridge! I cannot imagine people build such a long Metro line. That is 120 km in total!

Future is Future, that We Hardly Imagine

When people built the first express way in China to Jiading, people may not be able to imagine that express way is not everywhere in China.

It is the same for the first elevated highway in Shanghai. Now, it is the standard for Inner Ring, Middle Ring Road, and some branches like Xinzhuang to Minhang 莘闵, or Yixian 逸仙 Highway.

When people built the first Metro Line in Shanghai in 1994, I am very sure that people could hardly imagine the future system like in the map.

When the first 10 metro stations were built, the general concept is, Metro Station, and Metro Lines are super expensive. Now, there are more than 160 Metro Stations under construction concurrently, and more than that in the plan. Metro Line #11 even have 30+ stations.

Finally, when we built the first commercial Maglev Line in the world from Pudong Airport, we thought (at least I ever thought) that it may be the only one in Shanghai. It turned out the Maglev network starts to grow just like Expressway, Elevated way or highway.

Looking back and looking forward, I am just amazed about how quick things changes; how hard people can imagine a future world, and how easy it is to turn dream into reality.

Let’s wait and see all these lines are completed as planned. I hope nothing goes wrong along the way to the future.

Here is the full size version of the map:


P.S. Found a BBS about Metro: http://metrofans.sh.cn/. Highly recommend (in Chinese).

24 thoughts on “Future Shanghai Metro and Maglev Map

  1. impressive system. This is what you need when a city reaches 20 million people

    Looks like a pile of spaghetti…

  2. I feel excited when I got the news! I just think where to buy a house which can be convinent tommorow and the price is not as high as downtowns’. We need the house, but most of us can’ t afford.

  3. I am looking since a long time for this map. Thank you.

    Shanghai is so big, than even when you are on a metro line, you might have to walk 10 to 15 minute to have a metro station (for example when you are in Plaza 66).

    So, it will still be less convenient than Paris metro. (http://www.ratp.info/picts/plans/gif/reseaux/metro.gif)

    I am still waiting forward to use all these metro.

    PS: I still think that maglev is a waste of money (way to expensive for the use, and use way too much electricity produce by coal which pollute a lot)

  4. A subway map that someone sent me a long time ago – shows how the lines relate to the streets…


    (hmmm… resolution not that great on download from flickr… )

    My question is regarding line 9 – it shows some kind of extension beyond MingShen road towards JinQiao…

    But the extension is not on JianShuo’s version.

    Can anyway tell me when/if line 9 will extend on past MingShen road ??


  5. Great map. Unfortunately (according to described construction plans on Urbanrail.net and its executing) I think these plans will turn into big delay – not 2012 but, for example, 2015; 2018; 2020.

  6. “PS: I still think that maglev is a waste of money (way to expensive for the use, and use way too much electricity produce by coal which pollute a lot)”

    Maglev vehicles use less electricity than conventional high-speed rail, primarily due to the lack of mechanical friction. It’s a common misconception that Maglev is power-hungry, as levitation is such a novel concept.

  7. BTW, the reason they’re not being built much in the West is due to a general reluctance on the part of governments to take on large public infrastructure projects that have significant initial funding requirements. Due to the relatively short terms Western governments have between elections, they tend to optimise themselves for short-term gain rather than long-term benefit.

  8. Funny how that trade-off works. Increasing term limits for elected officials would greatly improve long-term planning, but would also lengthen tenures for idiots like Bush.

  9. To Herbert: I do not agree!

    How have such countries as France fund the huge development high speed train (for each line cost billions of euros? and are really long term). France open the 10 June a new high speed train line.

    By the way, Western countries build huge metro system, trains, motorway, infrastructure long time before china build his first motorway or metro…

    When I say long time before I mean 50 to more than 100 years. They also fund hundred of billions in public research and space exploration. Not that bad for “short term” governments ;-)


  10. To Herbert: I do not agree.

    These “short term government” have managed to develop huge train, metro, motorway systems in western countries a very long time before “long term view” Chinese government build the first metro or highway.

    They also put hundred of billions of Euros in public research and space exploration.

    And it is still not finish, for example France continue to develop his high speed train network of TGV, and will open a new line the 10 June, and cost a lot of billions of euros.(http://www.tgvesteuropeen.com/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=77)

  11. FaguoRen:

    You’re quite right. I was referring to the Anglo-Saxon governments rather than the continental style.

  12. Ben:

    Well he might be able to finish his job off :P

    Yep, it is definitely a trade-off. After five millenia of civilisation I don’t think anybody has found the perfect form of government just yet. So it is quite presumptuous to use the superiority of one form of government over another as a justification for war.

    But then again, that’s what governments have always done. Indeed, the best form of government in another country is one that listens to yours :)

  13. Hi Jianshuo,

    My question is on Line 2: I know it has already been extended to Songhong Road as of last year. When will it extend further westward to Hongqiao Airport? I hate to wait for a taxi at Hongqiao Airport. The lines are always so long…

    Meantime, your map above shows that Metro Line 2 will also be extended to Pudong Int’l Airport. Do you think it will actually be built since the Maglev is already running from PVG to Longyang Station. If Line # overlaps Meglev’s route at much cheaper fares, probably very few people will ride Meglev. I believe if indeed Metro Line#2 will connect PVG with Hongqiao Airport, it will not only be greatly welcome by the public, it will substantially improves the traffic jams around these two airports.


  14. hi,

    i’m doing a masters of architecture in london and the project site in in shanghai. really useful info on the tube and maglev, thanks a lot.

    could you tell us the book reference where you got it?


    diego perez

  15. Shanghai Yellow Pages 2007-8 English version has very good metro maps showing stations for lines 6,7,8,9 & 10.

  16. I am happy about that Shanghai authorities keep their promises! Three new lines at the end of 2007 is something fantastic.

  17. My plane will land on 1515 at Pudong on december 13. I have to take the train at 1818 from shanghai train station . Please tell me is it possible to catch train ? if yes then how can i do that ?


  18. @asif Actually you’re fortunate enough to catch your train. You can take the Maglev from Pudong Airport to Longyang Station, which only takes about eight minutes. At this station you can change to take metro to go to the shanghai raily way station. You need to take Metro Line 2 line first, and change to Metro Line 1 at the People’s Sqare Station.the whole Metro trip will take about half an hour. Haha, just take it easy.

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