Short Note of 5 Days in Chaminade

This is a short note about my 5 days in Chaminade

First morning, I felt challenge/fear as never experienced before. I learnt to focus on something else, and do the right thing, instead of focusing on the environment. Afternoon session, it was all about listening. I never heard people put listening and discover together. I realize if we our thinking is 100%, face to face communication only can convey 5% of it. By listening well, people can discover more than the 5% (with suspending agenda, focus, ask open questions, reflectionÂ…)

On the Tuesday session, it was all about talking (in the formal term, Asserting or Inspiring). It is also the first time I heard people describe “Talking” as “Inspiring”. This is also the technique to convey more than the default 5% out of 100% of thought to another person. It is all about to have a statement, and say it in a concise, clear, and compelling way.

The beauty of the “listening – talking” or “discover – inspire” model is, it is about two way communication. If we can do it better for only one way, the two communications is much better.

The final orchestra tells me leadership is all about feeling instead of techniques. A group of people sit down together, and they can communicate without talking. It is more like a reflection of the nature of human being.

The solo and the chaos in the orchestra were amazing. By listening carefully, and react respectfully, people created a very special atmosphere that they can communicate and behave as one person.

To conclude, I appreciate everyone’s share and help me to share. It is OK to be vulnerable, and seek for help.

3 thoughts on “Short Note of 5 Days in Chaminade

  1. “leadership is all about feeling instead of techniques”, this make me think a lot…

    Jianshuo, maybe you shoule try to make that be a famous theory:) Just feeling, the feeling from the bottom of heart.

  2. There are lots of theories and practices already about “just feeling, from the bottom of heart.” The Australian aboriginals know it, the Budha advocates it, and artists depends on it. The so-called leadership techniques simply try to utilize this early practice to uncover the sound that has long been submerged in the noisiness of our secular lives, esp. in the business world. To what extent they can succeed depends to the person, hence the value in a leadership training is doubtful, if not from nothingness.

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