Chaminade in Santa Cruz

In the last week, the whole week, I didn’t take any pictures in Chaminade Hotel in Santa Cruz. The week was so intense that all my time, including nights were used up. I did manage to take severl photos (when it is not too dark outside). Here they are:

Chaminade seems to be a famous place. When I am back, Haisong told me he was also in the same hotel one week ago, for the Young Leader’s Forum (from National Committee of US. Chinese Relationship). How interesting that Haisong also jumped from the same pole as I did.

The Pole

Regarding the pole, it is a wooden pole about 10-20 meters high. People are required to climb onto the top of it and jump to touch the small ball. That needs a lot courage to do it. See some photos from the YLF (not me, or my group).

Image in courtesy of vishaan

Image in courtesy of vishaan

Image in courtesy of vishaan

4 thoughts on “Chaminade in Santa Cruz

  1. The photos may took by cellphone,they dont’s seem clearly.

    Take photos is the best way to record our life,Last week,I visited GuShan in Fuzhou with my friends,we took some photos,i have post them in my blog. because of the poor camera ,the photos are not clear either.

  2. the first photo of wall make me laugh. just snapping the picture what it really expressed what you were thinking at that certain time.

    the pics are not taken by cell, its by D50 i guess.

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