Zhaoxiang Outlets

Shanghai has its own outlets. To be exact, there are many of them.

Last Sunday, we visited one of them in Zhaoxiang 赵巷.

If you ask me, I would say, it is very much the same as Gilroy Premium Outlets I visited in California. It has many stores, with the presence of major brands. Personally, I am more interested in Nike, Adidas, Levi’s…

The price is OK. It does not seem exactly like that in Gilroy, but pretty similar. Maybe the difference is tax – in U.S., all price is “pre-tax”, and in China, it is after-tax.

For example, Levi’s 501 jeans was like 29.99 USD in Levi’s factory store (seconds), and here, it is around 300-400 RMB. Nike shoes are from 390 – 590 RMB range, and in Gilroy, it is mainly like 25 – 35 USD.

To Get There

The location is like an outlets – I mean its location are very like the location of those outlets in U.S.

It is at Zhaoxiang/Sheshan 赵巷 佘山 exit of A9. Turn right and you will see the outlets just at the corner.

It is definitely a good place to buy genuine product. I feel some sense of the Xiang Yang Market there, but one is fake, and one is genuine.

Many People There

There is something completely different from the Gilroy Outlets – crowd. There are so many people there, and in one store, I even saw a big board with two sides. One side says:


and the other said:

“Because there are too many people inside, now we are not accpeting new customers”.


Update Update on Location November 28, 2006

The location is far from the downtown Shanghai. No Metro arrives there, or even close to it. It is 26 KM away from the People’s Square, and from my home, it is 45 KM, and takes about 30 – 40 minutes.

It is at the third or the forth exit of Shanghai to Huzhou 湖州 express way, A9. It seems the only way to get there is either by driving a car yourself, or taking tourism bus.

Location: 2888 Huqingping Hiway 沪青平公路2888号(嘉松中路5555 号)

Tel: +86-21-59756060


Shanghai Tourism Bus #4: Shanghai Stadium – Chengjiaqiao (程家桥) – Xujing (徐泾) — Zhaoxiang Outlets 上海奥特莱斯站

Huqing Line 沪青专线, Huqingying Line 沪青盈专线: Puan Road (People’s Square) 普安路 — Chengjiaqiao (程家桥) — Xujing (徐泾)00 Fangjiayao/Shanghai Outlets(上海奥特莱斯)(6:00 – 22:00)

Huzhu Line 沪朱线: West Bus Station 西区汽车站 — Chengjiaqiao (程家桥) — Xujing (徐泾) — Fangjiayao 方家窑(上海奥特莱斯)

Shangzhu Line 上朱线: Shanghai South Railway Station (South Square) 上海南站南广场 — Chengjiaqiao (程家桥) — Xujing (徐泾) — Fangjiayao (Shanghai Outlets) 方家窑(上海奥特莱斯)

The Huqing Line and Huqingying Line start from the People’s Square, at the corner of Puan Road, and Jinling Road.

11 thoughts on “Zhaoxiang Outlets

  1. There are many outlets in America. One of our favorites is Woodbury Commons in New York (about 1.5 hours away from NYC).

    Many tourists, especially Asian tourists always go to Woodbury, but you can always tell if they are Shanghainese or not: Just look for the Asian people that are always screaming across the room about how the prices are compared to back in their homeland and you’ll know they are Shanghainese.

  2. You mean you can find this kind of outlet in Shanghai? Can you provide more detail on how to get there? Take Metro Line 2 or 3?


  3. Every city in the US has this kind of outlet malls. They are not fancy, kind of like factory. Prices are so low that they can shock some people from Shanghai.

  4. Hmmm…..I’ve been here before….was indeed very excited the first time. But when more and more people discovered this, it become another “Xiang Yang Market” – packed with people who like to raise their voice, pushing each other out of their way, and you can’t breathe.

    Quite a number of variety if you are of average size, if not, not worth visiting. If you do travel out of China, it’s advisable to shop for these elsewhere as items are more up-to-date than what you can find here.

    Anyway, if you have nothing else better to do during weekends, you should go.

  5. I went to woobury Outlet this thanks giving. It is the best one in United State. Comparing to others, it has more top brand name like PRADA, FENDI, CHANNEL, BUBERRY, DIOR……You can also find some unique middle price brand like North Face there. However people there are definitly coming for top brand. You will expect long lines of people before any of those store~~~~~~~~~~~Advice: Don’t go there on holidays….

    For me I like A|X, CK, GUESS, BENETON, DIESEL…………..

    I’m broken…..Someone told me that you cann’t shopping at NYC while live and earn money in the middlewest…….Poooooooooooor me~~~~~~~

  6. I may go for a visit if I can drive in Shanghai using my US driving lisience…..

    It is funny to see how Shanghai is turning into a westen city. People are celebrating Christmas while most of people don’t even know the true meaning of it. It’s a holiday for jesus birth. What are we Chinese people celebrate for?

  7. So, I am not recommended to go-shopping to QingPu Outlets on New Year’s day, right?

    My mother plans to purchase some bedclothing and suits, full-dress like.

    Q1: will the 1st day of 2007 really be hundreds of southands of people? But the 1-3rd day is the only time my family are free. Shall I go there that day?.

    Q2: Can we find some national brands of bedclothing there?

    Q3: Can the mall accept Visa or master card?

    Q4: Any suggestion for Lunch? fast food…eh, my mother hates KFC…Any other choice?

  8. Did you just post the direction using bus service? is it the same when you go back, using the same transpo mode?

  9. Hello!

    For those interested in going to Shanghai Outlet the local way is take Line 2 to Song Hong Road and from there there are bus that take you there.

    I always recommend taxi at Song Hong station. But don’t start taking taxi while in Shanghai city proper, it will cost a lot.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Jian,

    SO, is it really worth going there??? and which is better? Zhaoxiang or the FOxtown Outlet?? and which is nearer to Pudong District???

    another, what about the bus?? what kind of tourism bus is it??? could you tell us more about the Tourism bus that will take you to Zhaoxiang Outlets??

    Thank you so much for your help!

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