Metro Lines are the Bones of the City

Winter arrives in Shanghai.

In the last week, a T-shirt is still OK; today, I wear a sweater, but still feel cold. The air started to show the character of air of winter of Shanghai – as cold as water. I don’t know whether it is the right word – the air in Shanghai always remind me of the word – crystal. People say something is crystal clear, and I want to say the winter of Shanghai is crystal cold.

However, the Sun shine today is wonderful – just like in San Francisco. In the morning, I waited outside the data center of China Telecom in Huamu. It was cold to stand in the shadow of the building, so I moved into Sunshine – it was much better. The heat of the Sun warmed me up. The only problem was, I have to rotate myself a little bit every minute to put the other side of my body into the Sun. I felt I was a pie in a pan, and you can only heat on side at a time… So you have some idea about how cold the air was and how warm the Sun was.

Metro Stations

On my way from home (Jinxiu Road and Chengshan Road) to Xujiahui, I past by many metro stations. They were on my way all the time in the last year.

The first one is Jin Xiu Road Station 锦绣路站 of Metro Line #7. It will be completed by 2010. I am waiting for that station to open, so I have a metro station within walking distance to my home. At the station, all traffic was detoured, and the roads formed interesting curves. The other station of the same line at Yanggao South Road 杨高南路站 is also under construction. It is a big block of area in the middle of the 4-lane road.

The construction site is much better than before. They have white walls (movable walls) to wrap the construction site up, so it still looks nice, and does not expose the ugly ground and construction materials to the public.

Along the Zhaojiabang Road 肇家浜路, there are three more stations, and cars wind left or right to give way to the construction site. These stations are to be completed by 2008, some even by the end of 2007.

Metro stations are no longer rare resources in Shanghai by then.

Nanjing West Road

At about 6:00 PM, after chatting with business partners, I stepped out of the Plaza 66. The West Nanjing Road 南京西路 has become another fashion center after Huaihai Road 淮海路. In my opinion, Shanghai looks the best at around 6:00 PM, when the Sun just set, and the sky is still a little bit light. The color is dark blue, and the lights of office buildings were already lit up. If you happen to be on a taxi and wind your way along the office buildings, you can see people working in their office – crystal clear. The saxophone music “Going Home” is the best music for this moment. On the West Nanjing Road, the night life started with fashionable ladies and gentleman hanging around – perfect image for me.

When I waited for taxi, for the first time in that area, I felt the ground is shaking. I could feel a metro train running just below my feet. It is metro line #2. I could even visualize a picture that many metro trains running in the tube deep under the road with thousands of people on board. There are hundreds of miles of such tube under the ground of the city, connecting stations, and business centers. Sometimes, I appeared deep under the ground level, to be one of the passengers, and sometimes, like today, I stand still on the ground with crowd passing by my shoulder and other people passing by under my foot – it is an amazing picture of a metropolitan city like Shanghai.

12 thoughts on “Metro Lines are the Bones of the City

  1. can anybody give me the Chinese version of:

    Fangbangshong Lu and Dongtai Lu, and are these places accessible via Metro or bus from Xujiahui?

    Please advise, thank you!

  2. stephen, Fangbangshong is the wrong Chinese spelling.

    Fang – Bang – Shong

    There is no pronounciation of Shong in Chinese. It should be either Song or something else.

    Dongtai Lu may mean 东台路

    It is a very short road, and there is no any road sounds like Fang Bang Shong Road nearby.

    Dongtai Lu may also mean 东泰路

    It is the same. Short road with no clue of the other Fangbangshong road.

    This is what I know. Hope it helps. You can check the spelling and try again.

  3. These street names suppose to be the antique market in Shanghai and was given by another blogger, nevertheless, I shall use the two versions of Dongtai Lu provided with the taxi driver. Thanks Jian.

  4. Stephen probably means Fangbangzhong Lu,i.e.,方浜中路,which is in the old city.

  5. It really made me that I’m in Shagai for this weekend. Thanks Jian Shuo Wang!!! I will keep on coming to your blog. Once again thanks for your time.

  6. i lived at Nanjing west road for 18 years. i love the area . I love Jing An district. While it is small, it is also beautiful.

  7. This is one of my fondest blogs although I have been living in Shanghai over 9 years. Maybe I would like to see it from other fresh view. So thanks to wangjianguo’s great work!

    But at the moment I do need some important traffic information.

    Cause I would like to move to Kang Qiao Ban Dao(Pininsula)-a residential community in Pudong, Shanghai, where the British International school locates, and my office is right at the city center without parking service, at the corner of South Shan Xi Road and Middle Fu Xing Road.It is reallly inconvenient for me to move between these two spots befor or after work. How to find someone who would give u help on the web?

    Say,someone who also live there and work at the city center, and would like to give u a lift or share taxi ?

  8. i would like to know where can i buy a digital camera in shanghai, and what places are worth to visit i will be here until 4th

  9. haven’t been here for almost two years, you are already a dad, congratulations!

  10. Where on the web can I find the plans for expanding the Shanghai metro? I would like to know if and when one will open in Zhou Pu / Kangqiao area.

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