I am an ENFP

According to my MBTI test result, I am an ENFP – Extraverted Intuition with Feeling (ENFP)

The test is very true. I feel the description exactly matches what I think I am. For example, ENFP s

See the need for and initiate change

Focus on possibilities, especially for people

Prefer to take charge of the start-up phase

Active, experimental and imaginative

May overlook relevant details and facts

May overextend and try to do too much

Update September 15, 2007

Here is the description of ENFP.

ENFP s are typically enthusiastic innovators, always seeing new possibilities and new ways of doing things.

Ha Ha. It is me. I like mashup and I like new things. That is true.

They have a lot of imagination and initiative for starting projects.

This may be problematic for people working with me because the speed of starting new projects may be too quick and new projects are endless until the team is fully burned out.

ENFP s’ energy comes from what is new and different, and they are spontaneous and enjoy action. They can become so interested in their current projects that they drop other things that are less exciting.Because they see so many possibilities, ENFP s sometimes have difficulty picking those with the greatest potential. They dislike routine and find it hard to apply themselves to the sometimes necessary details involved in finishing projects, easily becoming bored.

That explain the reason I like travel so much and quickly bored. I can start something quickly but, as the analysis reports, fail to pay attention attention to details involved in finishing a project. Wendy is just the opposite site of me – she is so patient and long-lasting for anything she started doing.

They are concerned about people and understand others’ needs and aspirations. ENFPs readily communicate their enthusiasm, and this can be infectious. They often inspire others as well.

This is the reason I care about people more than the result. Good manager, but maybe not tough enough to fight in this market.

ENFP s are likely to be most satisfied in a work environment that is welcoming to people, innovative, and full of exciting new possibilities. Others can count on them to find new ways of helping people solve problems and overcome barriers.

A stable business is not that interesting for me, even though it is climbing so quickly. New things are the source of my energy. I agree. It sounds I am a child-like mood – like new toys, and quickly bored and interested in another one.

ENFP Careers

This page listed the ENFP possible careers.

* Consultant

* Psychologist

* Entrepreneur

* Actor

* Teacher

* Counselor

* Politician / Diplomat

* Writer / Journalist

* Television Reporter

* Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, or Computer Specialist

* Scientist

* Engineer

For me, I am especially interested in:

  • Consultant – Yes. I was a consultant, and always want to be one – even be an uninvited consultant.
  • Psychologist – I found psychology especially interesting for me, and I love to read books about this.
  • Entrepreneur – this is what I am doing now professionally
  • Teacher – teacher in a university or highschool is always my dream job.
  • Counselor, Politician, Piplomat – this is what I do with this blog, and the reason I enjoy YLF so much.
  • Writer / Journalist – again, look at what I am doing with this blog.
  • Television Reporter – for the third time, this blog. I want to be a reporter, and enjoy being involved in TV programs.
  • Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, and Computer Specialist – exactly. It is my major, my past job, and something I am so interested in.
  • Scientist – very true. I love to read these kinds of books.
  • Engineers – my past job, and what I am doing

What a list – I would say from my point of view, it is very accurate descriptoin of me. Is there any other jobs in the world? I just found out all the jobs here are good one for me.

Look at the ISTJ careers?

* Business Executives, Administrators and Managers

* Accountants and Financial Officers

* Police and Detectives

* Judges

* Lawyers

* Medical Doctors / Dentists

* Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, and Computer Specialists

* Military Leaders

I don’t like any of them except computer programers (maybe it is another type of computer programmer than ENFP type). I especially hate military leaders, judges, lawyers, and police, accountant jobs…

12 thoughts on “I am an ENFP

  1. Thanks for sharing! Did the profile help explain what people you get along with and which ones you don’t? And also what people have complementary strengths to yours?

    I am an INTP. Anyone else know their MBTI profile?

  2. I too am a EnFp. When you go to a job interview, having this knowledge is helpful. Knowing the interviewers type will win you major points as you will know how to respond to their questions.

    By the way….

    Great EnFp’s

    Mark Twain

    Mickey Rooney

    Andy Rooney

    Bill Cosby

    I. King Jordan

    Meg Ryan

    Robin Williams


    Franz Joseph Hayden

    James Dobson


    Ariel (The little Mermaid)

    The fresh prince of Bel-Aire

    Steve Irkle


  3. Guys, and ladies,

    I am also an ENFP. Big time. Super-strong P side especially (97%): no schedule, no planning except some 差不多 things-to-do-list somewhere, start working on assignments at the last minute or even later, and if I don’t make it to the deadline (which happens), I surely can explain and talk my way out, haha!

    Can add:

    – in a conflict situation (argh! I hate that), I support the one I love, no matter he/she is “right” or “wrong”. Helps me gain friends and make enemies I do not care about.

    – easy-going, but if someone breaks one of my core values (like: freedom), watch out…

    – life’s fun. And if it’s not, let’s make it fun. Anyway there’s fun in everything, including presenting a 2007 budget drafted in 17 minutes to bored politicians.

    – I never judge people so please, don’t judge me…

    Cheers from a European expat in Shanghai,


  4. Hey peepz,

    Like you, I’m an ENFP. Found out some interesting info, possibly nice for you to know: only 3% of all people is ENFP. How great is that??

    Cheers from Holland

  5. hi there-you certainly write alot! im an INFP but my introvert was borderline with extrovert by 1 percent, which means im just slightly less bouncy than you real enfps, but i like my type, its also quite unusual

  6. I’m an ENFP and I was looking at what types the Harry Potter characters are to see what one/s are also an ENFP. Apparantly Sirius Black is. What is the major personality difference between ENFPs and INFPs, are the INFPs obviously even quiter, shyer? it’s just that, I’ve read ENFP’s are ‘shy extroverts’ and I don’t know how many other ENFP’s agree with that, but can be very quite and people like teachers have seen me this way writing in reports that I am quite and ‘self contained’ – which I don’t agree with, they should see me at social gatherings!

    We are really good communicators. And everyone says that about me. I think the shy extrovert thing comes out in instances like speech reading (gah) but generally with people I’m a chatterbox and I think because we’re idealistic we tend to talk to people about INTERESTING things so it doesn’t matter that we talk a lot, what we have to say is engaging.

  7. I chanced upon this cos I was googling: What does ENFP look like, and that is because I did the MBTI a few times but sometimes I am ENFP, sometimes I am ENTP. Anyway, I must say that after reading through tonnes of stuff on the net I decided I should be ENFP…and what PrinceofThieves said above really made me smile….cos I have started working on deadlines last minutes before, and I have talked my way out of missing deadlines before, and I have definitely made a presentation within 17 minutes or less in front of bored/unconcerned/ambiguous politicians before.

    So there, a BIG warm wave from another ENFP!

    An expat in Hong Kong from Singapore.

  8. hey you guys!!!!! i love it. i am so glad that there are other me’s out there. do you cry at the drop of a hat? do you love to dance in the rain and listen to old blues like ella, sarah, billie – – tell me you love a romp in the hay and then coffee on the corner bistro with your favorite snuggler…man, i am so glad to meet you all. but why all the x-pats where are all the in-pats; not that i have problem with you x-pats (somewhat jeoulous) tee hee. hang on for the ride but also grab a soft flowing scarf and don’t forget to watch how the sun radiates through your hair, lovey.

  9. Hello, I am also an ENFP whose dominantly intuitive by 62%, I mention this because not only has it come to my attention that there are many different people out there, but also that we as “ENFP” can be strongly diverse amongst just our one personality assessment….,comforting and interesting…..my question would be HOW diverse can we ENFPS be…im 18 years old and male, my e-mail – Writingwords101@yahoo.com…. GET IN TOUCH, I thought I was crazy and yet here are people like me :]

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