Online Map in Shanghai (and China)

Here is a list of Shanghai Online Maps.

Google Maps (Global Sattelite Image)

There is only image, with no road and map information. It is very useful if you know an area well, and want to see the details (buildings, streets), but not useful for a stranger to find the right road to take.

Google Bendi (Local)

Move the needle on the left side to zoom in. It only has Chinese version. The data is powered by

The head to head competitor of Mapabc is It is widely used by other Chinese local website. Check this sample page. For me, it has better functions, and more accurate data.

As I just mentioned, it has exactly the same data as Google China. However, they still uses the Java technology, and requires browsers to have Java installed. So I don’t use it.

eDushi has a visionary idea – to draw 3-D map of all major cities. They have completed Hangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Xi’an, Changsha, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and many other cities. All the buildings were drawn by hand! What an effort!

Real photo based map.

Wangjianshuo’s Shanghai Map

Hehe. Didn’t forget to mention my little map view. It is just a simple application with no map data. So… Just for fun…

Above are all the major map providers on the market I am familiar with. For English maps? I don’t see any really good one yet.

Updated with kind notification of Fenng.

19 thoughts on “Online Map in Shanghai (and China)

  1. Coming to Shanghai next week, can anyone tell me where i can get a old map, like the Shanghai or Peking in ’20 or ’30 or earlier for my wall decoration, not necessary authetic, a framed replica is preferred. Any advise?

  2. Stephen,

    I have seen some replica map from the ’20 and ’30 in the old town. it was on fangbangshong lu very near the entrance gate. Over there you should be able to find some but don’t forget to negotiate as much as possible as they will ask you for some crazy price at the beginning. Otherwise you should be able to find some on Dongtai lu (“antique” market).

  3. Thanks greg, any chance you can tell me fangbangshong lu and Dongtai lu in chinese character so I can relay the same to the taxi driver. Many thanks.

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