Suzhou Airport

Suzhou Airport? When people ask me about Suzhou airport, my first impression was, does Suzhou has an airport?

Yangtze-Delta area has too Many Airports

This is a fact that you may not know. The Yangtze-Delta has one of the highest airport density in the world. There are 0.8 airport per 10,000 sq. km in the area. The average of U.S. is 0.6.

The airports I know are:

Some reports said there are 8 in the area. Maybe they counted Suzhou Airport. Does Suzhou Airport really exist?

Ticket Reservation System Says Yes

I checked CTRIP and eLONG, and they have Suzhou listed in the airport list. However, I didn’t find any flight to or from this airport. Strange. This page also suggested Suzhou has an airport with code SZV.

People in Suzhou Uses Shanghai Airport

Suzhou is the nearest city to Shanghai. From Shanghai to Suzou is sometimes quicker to go to some places in Shanghai. Seriously. I have friends who has company in Suzhou and goes there to work every day – just 1 hour or less of ride on Highway.

Suzhou is only 88 km away from Hongqiao Airport or 130 KM from Pudong Airport. The government of Suzhou said in 2004 that Suzhou will not construct a new international airport in the next 5 years. So if you are going to Suzhou, the best choice is to go to Hongqiao Airport or Pudnog airport and take buses there.

Buses from Shanghai Airport to Suzhou

Shanghai Pudong Airport to Suzhou

From Hongqiao Airport to Suzhou, there are also direct buses to Suzhou. Please refer to this page: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Long Distance Buses

8 thoughts on “Suzhou Airport

  1. Hello JS,

    First, I must say a big THANK YOU to you. Because of your blog I find that my relocation to Shanghai has been so much easier. Now I’ve already settled in well in Shanghai and I must say I simply love this city. Without your interesting blogging style, I don’t think I will spend so much time “researching” about shanghai before my move.

    Btw, I’ve a question. I noticed there is this Shanghai Airport Centre near Jinan Temple (just next building to JiuGuang shopping mall). May I know what is it for? My guess is that it allow passengers to have a quick check-in in town first and then take charter bus straight to Pudong or Hongqiao Airport right? Please enlighten me, JS. Thanks once again!

  2. As far as I know, there is do a small airport in Suzhou, but the airport is just for goods transportation and not use for passenger transportion.

    Another reason why build this airport is because of the parochial localism of Shanghai. Suzhou can only build airport by himself.

    Pls correct me!

  3. Jianshuo,

    I live in Suzhou, and I know the airport in Suzhou is Guangfu airport. It is a small airport used for both army and civil aviation. And for both passenger and goods transport. I think why people in Suzhou used Shanghai airport is that the airline from Guangfu is few and it is more easier to go to Shanghai airport than Guangfu airport from Suzhou city zone.(I don’t know use what word. I mean 苏州市区)

  4. yee, I guess it is 1 and half hour. It is according to website, but I am not sure whether it is true, since I didn’t take the bus before.

    Yaya, and 3water, thank you for your comments.

  5. Now Hangzhou Airport is being used by Air Asia for cheap flights overseas.

    However, can you please give me information about transport to and from Suzhou to the Hangzhou Airport. Also a length of time needed and a possible taxi fare.


  6. Yes, Suzhou does have an airport codenamed SZV under the International Air Traffic rules, but this is not for public use. Its normally used for military purposes OR cargo aircraft. Interestingly Beijing also has a similar airport…I am not talking about the Beijing International Airport (PEK) which everyone knows about- I am talking about the Beijing Airport (Code name unknown) located in the west of the city behind the 5th Ring Road (the airport can be clearly seen from the top of Xiang Shan Gong Yuan as it is very close). This is used by the Chinese government or international VIPs (Bush, Blair and others) when they visit Beijing- they never use the public PEK airport.

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