Maglev Catches Fire

The headline picture of caught my attention at 21:50, when I reviewed today’s news in my living room. (This is maybe one of the 3 times I checked Sina this month, instead of daily one year ago). The news is about Maglev, my favorite topic.

This time, it is bad news. Maglev caught fire! According to the news:

At 2:40 PM, when the train left Long Yang Road Station to Pudong Airport, the fire alarm of one cart of the train was triggered. The fire was quickly put off, and all passengers was rescued.

What a piece of surprising news! This may strongly hit people’s confidence about the Hangzhou-Shanghai Maglev Line.

Here are the pictures from the news website.

Image credit: Sina news

Image credit: Sina news

Image credit: Sina news

Image credit: Sina news

The ladder (from the first cart on the right), and the rescue tube (the middle cart) are interesting. It is not easy to rescue from that a high place.

What a coincident that Maglev just held the rehearsal for fire emergency (CN) in May this year. It seemed to help.

Accident to this kind of high-tech train raise passengers’ concerns as much as problems of a aircraft… How bad it is!

11 thoughts on “Maglev Catches Fire

  1. Hello Gary,

    Just in case you are planning to take the Maglev….. it caught fire yesterday…..


  2. So, any news on what happened already?

    Here in german press they state that the fire was more dangerous than expected in the first moment!!!

    Is the burnt vehicle still standing on the track? or did they remove it already?

  3. Well, rather chicken remarks all… And great there are so many experts here! Zillions of Deutschmark are invested in this technology, and yes things fail because humans make mistakes. Doesn’t make the technology bad.

    And Gary… the chances that it will happen again are now just reduced with at least a factor 10. Now they know what can happen why and what causes it, so from now on it will be part of the daily routine to check that up as well.

    I’m about to take the maglev now… And in a few hours again. And I”m looking forward to it I can tell you. Fire or no fire

  4. How do we get from Pudong Airport to City Hotel Shanghai on 5-7 Shan Xi Road South? We arrive at 17.30 hrs. Thank you, Petra

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