Museums in Shanghai

Let me introduce my favorite museums in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Art Museum

My favorite museum in Shanghai is the Shanghai Art Museum.

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Location: North Huangpi Road, and West Nanjing Road (map).

Metro: Shanghai Metro Line #1, #2 People Square Station.

Land marker: It is just beside the Tomorrow Square (the JW Marriott Hotel). You won’t miss the hotel by checking the highest building with arrow to the sky in the People’s Square area.

Ticket Price: 20 RMB.

They have a nice website at

It is my most visited museum in Shanghai. The exhibition changes frequently, and the best exhibition I saw as the Impressionism : treasures from the national collection of France in 2004. Every time you go there, there is something new. The next big thing for the museum is Shanghai Biennale 2006.

The Kathleen 5 on the top of Shanghai Art Museum is a good restaurant, with nice very to the whole People’s Park.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is, maybe, the biggest museum in Shanghai. The name is confusing. I would rather call it Shanghai Ancient History Museum, since there is nothing about modern Shanghai in the museum. To be more exact, I would name it China Ancient History Museum (in Shanghai), since there is not many stuff originally from Shanghai, but from all across China. The museum tells the complete story of the history of China – the art, drawings, coins, jade, and ancient China…

Price: 50 RMB

Location: Center of Shanghai :-) – the middle of the People’s Square.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

I like this museum very much. It has a special area with real model of the city – you can see all the buildings within the Shanghai inner ring there. It is very good for technical guys to visit – you can understand how the city is built.

Location: Opposite of the Shanghai Museum – Exit at gate #1 of the People’s Square and you are right at the gate of the museum.

Price: 30 RMB

Time: 9:00 – 5:00 PM, Mon – Thur, 9:00 – 6:00 PM, Fri – Sun


There are many other museums in Shanghai. Above are only my favorites, and I didn’t visit all museums in Shanghai.

For example, the Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery in the building of the Shanghai Art Museum is also good, and the paintings are for sale. The Bund Museum at the Bund was the old lamp tower for the Bund, and now turned into a museum. Didn’t visited yet. The MOCA (Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art) in the People’s Park is also good – newly opened, and aim to be something like MoMA… So plan some time in your next trip to visit these museums in Shanghai.

11 thoughts on “Museums in Shanghai

  1. The entrance fee to Shanghai Museum is 20 yuan. It’s 50 if you also get an audio self-guided tour. I did not like that museum a bit. That was a couple of hours I’ll never get back.

    But if you like to see 20,000 old coins (all of them look the same to me) or 500 old pots, that’s the place to be.

  2. i love going to museums, and your entry about shanghai museums make me wanna go there ! (havent been to shanghai before)

  3. I love the art museum. Another interesting museum is the Shanghai History Museum under the Oriental Pearl Tower. It does a great job telling the story of Shanghai and transporting visitors back to the old Shanghai in the 20s and 30s etc.

  4. In my eyes,the bronzes in Shanghai Museum are excellent.And if you intend to have a comprehensive tour on Chinese living history,Shanghai Museum is your No.1 choice.Trust me~~

  5. I don’t want to look like some spammer, spamming/promoting my own site here but for the people interested, there is an article in my blog about my visit to the Shanghai Municipal Museum (the China Ancient History Museum as Jian Shuo calls it). You can find it at ..imho its an awesome museum when you are interested in Chinese history ^^

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