How Xintiandi was Built

Xintiandi is a wonderful place to go at night. But before the nice-look buildings, bars, and restaurants were built, it looked like this. It is not that fancy, but it is the history of the city, where many people lived there for generations.

I found out these pictures I took at the end of 2004. Let me show you the pictures of locations near Xintiandi. I believe another area of Xintiandi will raise from this land.

Before the modern buildings, were some old historical architectures.

Most of them have been towed down. For this one, how knows its fate.

Like this one. Look at the arch and the design – it is a nice building.

The stairs, and the rooms – all desctructed

The tractors is standing by to get rid of these houses.

There are still some people living in the buildings, How can you imagine that!

The nice decoration on the arch of the door.

The poles are also created with efforts and sense of art.




At the ground of the towed-down area, some cooks are kiling their time when there is no one in their restaurant


At the newly built building, workers are drawing the “lines” between bricks

More workers on other areas.

Including the top

Google Satellite Map

From the Google map, you can still see the area with all the houses there.

11 thoughts on “How Xintiandi was Built

  1. What I see is another area of the current prosperity, but it really stand for the past history.

  2. Hello JS,

    I was told by my friend (a foreigner) that Huai Hai is a good shopping place. Can you tell me about Huai Hai area in your own opinion? Are they any good residential apartments near there, supermarkets, interesting cafes/restaurants for example? Thanks!

  3. These pictures are wonderful showing the history of Xintiandi’s past. Actually I live near Xintiandi, but I prefer the past Xintiandi than the present one.

    Many Tiandis spring in China in recent years, so interesting.

  4. Huaihai is good. it is the first place to go – just like 5th Ave in New York. Although there are a lot other good places, or better places in different eyes, Huahai Road is the starting point of shopping in Shanhgai.

    grAce, cherish what you have, and also keep open mind to change of the city.

  5. Hey JS,

    Thanks for your comments. Guess I will start my interesting journey in Shanghai starting from Huaihai. Yipeeee!!! =)

  6. 很象Mission Impossible III里的镜头啊. 就是TC拿了rabbit foot, 等人来接的那一段.

  7. I envy those residents…they got a good deal and became rich…probably can buy some property in Newport Beach with the money they received…those lucky losers…

  8. OMG…

    All these great so-called civilization cost too much…

    Perhaps, behind that, nothing great but squalidity and inequality…

    Great wall? pyramid? summer palace?…

    I can not stop my dark thoughts…thanks for these great pics though..

  9. Darn, looking at these pics make me miss Shanghai again… there was also an construction site next to my place in Jing An district, almost similar to this one.

    btw, maybe it’s a nice thing to mention that these builders work 24/7, no matter what it is, rain/sunshine/day/night/holiday or whatever.. i really admire those guys for doing that.. I would never be able to do that :S

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