What? I Wake up at 2 PM?

What? I wake up at 2 PM today?

It is a normal Saturday (the only difference is, Wendy is out to some place in Zhejiang for team building). I opened my eyes for the first time, and thought I should wake up and have my breakfast – “It should be as late as 10 AM already.” I thought.

However, the big yellowish round clock on the left side of my bed shows 2:00 PM. The clock must be wrong. I checked the battery. It seems to be working.

Confused on the bed for one minutes or two, and looked out of the window, I finally figure out, it is myself instead of the clock that is wrong.

So, I woke up at 2 PM today. I doubt without an alarm clock or Wendy, and if I didn’t start to feel starving, I may wake up when it went dark? Maybe.

I am a sleeping cat. Back to university, my record to continous sleeping is more than 40 hours (finally I got up to feed myself to keep alive). My brother volenteered to participate a study by a Sleeping Institute in Toronto. The researcher just didn’t understand why he can sleep that long. I guess we share the same thing.

Anyway, I am now awake, and going to the kichten to look for some food again. Thinking of last night, I start to wonder, why I am always in a situation to look for food? Hmmmm…


  1. you english blog has recovered again.


  2. Sorry for the interruption. Yes. It went down for several days, and now it is back.

  3. I am a sleepy fish~~

    ~~don’t know why~

  4. do please care for your body.keep your health!i often wake up at that time.

  5. you can keep the record proudly~are you tired when get up?

  6. I first read your blog last month because of the 110th anniversity of SJTU and am keeeping reading. At the moment I first reply your words for the lovely feeling in front of mine at the “Hmmm”

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