What to Write Today?

What to write today?

Suddenly found there is no topic to write today. It happens frequently before, but this is the first time I write about it. :-D

So, what should I write today?

12 thoughts on “What to Write Today?

  1. jianshuo, out of wit? how about show us the pictures of tulip in your garden! it is time for blooming.

  2. :)

    I visited your blog frequently, i don’t think it’s make sense to write 4 writing,

    i rather to see more interesting and valuable post!

  3. I agree with Jan.P.H stan. Some of your posts are really meaningless and I guess just post some words there in order to pursue ‘update daily’.

    Really, I rather prefer some more meaningful posts.

  4. JS, Did you saw your neighbors this morning on your way to work?

    Do you guys’ greet each another when you run into them?

    … …

  5. How about “Is air pollution improving in Shanghai?” Hong Kong’s air pollution is getting worse every year. I now think it’s actually worse than Shanghai’s.

    So I am just wondering how you find the air quality in Shanghai, getting better or worse?

  6. You need a ‘backup’ topic that you can always resort to when you don’t know wha t to write abot, for example:

    + ear cleaning

    + dreams

    + strange food stuff

    + literature

    You do a great job, keep on truckin’


  7. Funny how certain topics get picked up by all the bloggers while others get virtually ignored. Many have talked about the taxi driver who talked about the economics of the taxi driving business, or about the rolling stones, or about political struggles of the rural peoples. So what about the transition of people’s attitudes and behaviors when the sun comes out like it is now? Or more about the transportation system and how it will impact housing costs? I dunno , I am just babbline…sounds like my typical blog…sigh.

  8. Thanks everyone. Thanks for your inspiration and encourage. Maybe I suffer from burnout a little bit recently, that I can not easily concentrate. Maybe sometime of rest do good for me.

    I will pick up some topics you suggested later.

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