PSP is Hard to Use

I got a PlayStation Portal (PSP). It is hard to use – you have to buy more stuff other than the stone-like black box.

The usability is not that good. May need some time to get used to. There is almost nothing I can do with it, if I don’t have a Memory Stick Pro Duo card. Information on the Internet for PSP is not good enough. Seems all complicated. I start to wonder, did I change from a geek type of guy to an idol, or the hardware changes?

The Metro City offers so different price for Memory Stick Pro Duo. Some quotes 690 RMB for 1 GB, and some offers 460 RMB for 2GB.

Anyway, I don’t know why but my passion for hardware, even including camera is not as strong as several years ago. Why?

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  1. two choices

    1, buy games by the offical way, with hundreds rmb…

    2, buy a ms duo and use xx roms and loader, you must have a psp with 1.50 or 1.51 firmware.

    this is the reason why a secondhand 1.50 firmware psp is more expensive…

  2. “you have to buy more stuff other than the stone-like black box.”

    This is what we call “eco-system”. That is the exact same model as iPod. So many manufactures are making money with iPod accessories.

  3. Jianshuo, a little philosophy :

    My “chinese” family want a car.

    In their lifetime they will never earn enough money to buy one = it is not possible.

    Before you wanted a digital camera for years, I guess. Nearly not possible.

    Now you have one, and later you buy a better one, but it is not the same “jump up” in level as when you bought the first one. So you don’t feel as happy as with the first one.

    I have had several cars. My first one was simply adorable, even it turned into a pile of rust during the 3 years I had it.

    Now, when I buy another one and another one, I nearly do not show any happiness.

    It has turned into a common thing.

    Enjoy the time of being young and to be able to be happy over almost anything !

    Later, you’ll find that even small things (which in fact are very complicated), like a beautiful sunset or a wonderful frangrant flower can bring more happiness than your new camera or PSP.

    Money and things are not that much worth when you have them !

    Different is : human relations, friends, family, children (oh sorry, just one child of course).

  4. a beautiful sunset or a wonderful frangrant flower can bring more happiness than your new camera or PSP?

    Who bring this materialization to the whole world? Now you guys happliy live in big house, drive gas gorzilla SUV, and sneer others? We Chinese are catching up, even it looks stupid because you did it years ago.

  5. I applause for carsten’s thinking about happiness. It is exactly those tiny stuff in life that make people feel happy, instead of those you cannot get.

  6. haha, im from Brazil going to China, its better to buy PSP in CHina and sell this one here with me?

    How much a PSP costs in China. Thankyou!

  7. – Nice, I want one! I coming to shanghai on the 13th april 2006, ( in two days) I just wonder where should I buy one in Shanghai? I have never been there before.. Iám staying in a hotel in central city…

    Thank´s for answear,rob

  8. Where, would you say, the best place to buy a PSP in Shanghai would be? I’ll be there in a couple days and want to get a good deal. PLEASE let me know!!

  9. Hello,

    I’m going to buy PSP in China. does anyone know where i can buy it? please reply me as soon as possible. thanks

  10. I concur with Carsten’s comment. Even though material life is interesting, but it just appears that the same item that could have made us happy before would no longer satisfy us. Maybe, seeking life happiness more from a spiritual perspective is the answer. Inner Happiness = True Happiness.

  11. I bought it 2 weeks ago from store, just love it. I paid $20 to downgrade and upgrade it to 3.xx firmware, now I could play anythings from the net !!! Just need to paid the hardware cost, that is !!

    I love it, hope the USB camera and USD GPS came out soon and with a good prices !

    Enjoy your PSP and if more people join in and MS DUO stick will finally come down like the SD card, we will see !!

    Wish list of PSP :

    1. 8 GB MS DUO stick from Sony for $99 ………….

    2. Blue Tooth support for friends to play games in different stores while you are with your girlfriend /wife shopping seriously ….

    3. UMD size harddrive with 30GB portable.

    4. touch screen capability is not bad……(perhaps next gen PSP 2?)

    Just my 2 cents, don’t blame on this greedy…..guy. : )

  12. hi im visiting shanghai in few days so I will like to know ehre is the best place to buy psp and cameras. what is the price of the psp ?

  13. How do you use internet on a psp. Because it isnt working for me. And does a hotel have wifi connection so you can use your psp to get on the internet.

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